Fort Monroe Engagement Session.

Introducing you to my incredible October 30th, 2020 bride and groom: Eric and Marisa, and of course, their doggo Aria! After knowing each other for weeks, we finally got to meet for the first time. We were kinda bummed the weather was cold, but this just meant that Eric and Marisa got to snuggle close! […]

March 17, 2020


Fort Monroe Engagement Session

Fort Monroe Engagement Session.

Let me happily introduce you to Sydney and Ben, one of my 2020 couples! An instant connection was formed when we got to chat all things about their wedding and what we love to do for fun! Their May wedding will be held at a private plantation in Western Virginia! May is a great month […]


March 10, 2020

Fort Monroe Engagement Session

Fort Monroe Engagement Session.

I am so excited to share with you a beautiful Fort Monroe Engagement Session! Each one of my couples always teaches me lessons about love, and some of them certainly keep me on my toes. Todd and Cortney are both, and it’s so exciting, yet scary! Let me explain! Both Todd and Cortney have a […]

February 26, 2020


fort monroe engagement session

Fort Monroe Engagement Session.

You see it in almost every Lifetime romance movie. The guy is walking his dog at the park and his eye catches this beautiful girl walking her dog. He gets the nerve to walk up to her and starts to talk to her about the beautiful day it’s been. After exchanging words, they both agree […]


January 13, 2020

Virginia Engagement Session + Fort Monroe

Sunset photoshoot at Fort Monroe!

The world these days may seem like a scary place. There is so much going on that it concerns many of us. I know that I get nervous when I watch a movie or go to a concert. But, there is one thing that is always a place where I feel safe and secure. That […]

January 7, 2020


Engagement photos + fort monroe

Fort Monroe Engagement Session!

This couples wedding is going to make me cry for a few reasons. One is because Chris like… REALLY loves Samantha and is just so giggly around her. Their romance is going to shine through so bright on their wedding day. The second reason why they are going to make me cry is because their […]


November 7, 2019

engagement session at fort monroe

Sold my Nikon for a Sony, but regretted it right after

Invested in education courses 

Shot my first solo wedding


Decided to go part-time photographer 

Took a photo of my friends naked son on a beach

Upgraded to a Nikon 5500


Thought I was so cool with my grainy photos of blurry horses

Took photos of landscapes for fun 

Bought a Nikon 3300


my first solo wedding – 2017

Met some incredible industry friends

Started to fill up 2020

Booked up 2019 in about two months


I moved from Hawaii to Norfolk, Virginia

Shot three amazing Hawaii weddings

Went full-time


experimented with all sorts of editing styles 

Prepared myself to go full-time

Switched back to Nikon and got my first full-frame


brand photoshoot – 2018

Established my brand and editing style- 2018

California has welcomed me with incredible 2020/2021 wedding couples

I booked a trip to Seattle and Alaska 

This year, I am making it all about creativity


I moved from Virginia to Monterey, California

I invested in my 2nd mastermind- I refuse to lose this business

Covid Hit the wedding business


I invested in my first mastermind

I figured the type of photographer I wanted to be

2020 was booked in full by the end of 2019


Week in Spain with my husband -2019



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