What’s coming up in August

August in the past has always been good to me! It’s the month where a lot happens for my personal life and for my business. I have a lot planned (nothing will stop me from enjoying what’s coming up in August). Here is What’s coming up in August! Personal This month is also my Birthday […]

August 3, 2020


What's coming up in August

What’s coming up in July!

I am welcoming July with open arms because I am one to always be optimistic. This month is going to be a great month. The season of weddings is kicking back up (for now) and I am going to enjoy it while it is here! Here is the blog for what’s coming up in July! […]


July 5, 2020

To my loving husband…

To my loving husband…Today, we celebrate 5 years of marriage. Wow. 5. And to think that we were dating for 4 years before that, making our time together now almost 9 years! I feel as though it was just yesterday I walked into work just weeks after I graduated High School, and saw you there […]

June 13, 2020


To my loving husband...

Our wonderful Paris, France Vacation

Take me back to the most wonderful international city I have ever been to, please! Now more than ever, I am so eager to travel once again. I have big plans for 2021 and cannot wait for them. However, today, I wanted to share with you my favorite trip to date, and that was to […]


June 9, 2020

Paris, France

What’s coming up in June

It seems like every month so far this year, something crazy has happened with the virus. I do know that I am ready to start working again and gratefully, we are aloud to start shooting! So, I am excited to share with you of what’s coming up in June! I am a VA!! A VA […]

May 31, 2020



Our Sydney Australia Vacation

Sydney has been checked off the travel bucket list. I must say that I will always remember this trip for both the good and the bad parts. My husband and I had big plans while visiting Sydney, including cave exploring, bridge climbing, and a day at the zoo with his Uncle and Aunt. It was […]


May 12, 2020

sydney australia