Fun Wedding Pictures


May 7, 2022

As a wedding photographer, I always get to photograph amazing weddings, so I wanted to share with you these fun wedding pictures! I was inspired to do this after one of my Instagram reels hit over 50,000 views. The topic? Fun wedding photos we do not always share but should!

Monterey Wedding Photographer

Hey, there! My name is Dana Arnold and I am a Monterey wedding photographer here in California. Personally, I have been full-time since January 2018 and have photographed weddings throughout The United States. My ‘job’ brings me such joy but when I am not shooting weddings, I am spending time with my husband and traveling the globe at least once a year!

Fun Wedding Pictures

As a military wife and photographer, I have lived and shot weddings all over the country. Therefore, I get to photograph some hilarious moments that I feel now deserve some attention. Whether it is funny faces, bloopers, and more. Sharing these will allow me to show that some of the best moments and memories from a wedding day are the candid moments. The ones that are not planned and you cannot help but laugh.

I hope you enjoy these photos because I had to dig way down into the archive to find some of these photos, and they are all to good not to share!

Let’s also ignore the inconsistent photos- I had a lot of growth over the years, ha!

Not all groomsmen photos need to be an appropriate GQ style.

Fun Wedding Pictures
Fun Wedding Pictures

And not all bridesmaid photos need to be fancy and girly.

Fun Wedding Pictures

Let’s now play “meme this photo”. If you could caption these reactions, what would it be?

Lastly, here are some bride and groom photos gone right. Well, I mean… guys do what they want to do!

Like give their wife a raspberry by surprise

Fun Wedding Pictures

Or tell their friend to hit his wife’s butt with a sword after she walks by. Her reaction is priceless!

Fun Wedding Pictures

However, sometimes it is my fault. Because I would tell a guy directions and he would take it literally. Like “Okay, not put your hand on her face and…” well, he does this before I can finish!

Fun Wedding Pictures

In general, these moments have really become a favorite. I laugh at them every time I see them. I know my couples enjoy these too because it shows that the best moments happen when you least expect it. It’s memories in photographs you can look back on always!

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