Beach Proposal in Carmel-By-The-Sea


March 6, 2022

It was just 5 days ago that a mother had reached out to me about photographing a Beach Proposal in Carmel-by-the-sea. Her son, after being with his girlfriend for six years, was ready to pop the question and ask his love to marry him.

Get ready, this one is a tear jerker. Or, maybe I am just such an emotional person. Either way, proposal’s are truly the most heart-racing, life-changing moments to photograph.

Dana Arnold Photography

Hey, ya’ll. My name is Dana Arnold and I am an engagement and wedding photographer based out of Carmel, but travel all over the world. My brand is all about serving the truly-in-love, travel enthusiast, always smiling couples who simply cannot keep their hands off each other. Even when they have been married for forty years and turn old and gray.

Meet Madison and Marcus

If lifetime had a movie about two people falling in love when they least expected it, and wanted a ‘love at first sight’ story, these two would be it. Maybe it is because they have the same dream as future Mr. and Mrs. (does that feel weird to say yet, Marcus and Madison?). Or, maybe these two just have a story worth sharing.

They met back in college from a mutual friend. When Madison was not looking for love, it was love that found her. After her open heart surgery, someone was placed into her life. Now, these two are side by side through all the good and the bad. For six years, they were dating and enjoying life together! Whether that would be outdoor adventures or cooking in the Kitchen. Who do you think is the better cook?

Beach Proposal

As mentioned earlier, this proposal was last minute. Margaret reached out to me on Thursday, saying her son was going to propose on Saturday soon after they landed from Texas. Aside from quick planning, I think we all were hoping for a smooth flight in, a safe drive into Carmel, and good weather. The beach was very unusually packed for a cold day, and filled with tourist and beach-goers. In the distance, my assistant could see them standing on top of the sand dune looking out on the water and enjoying the view.

Excited, we sat on our blankets waiting for them to go down. I had sent an update on which direction to go to, but it was not seen in time. They went in the opposite direction! Ah! So, we got up and secretly followed them. Talk about being a stalker, so many were looking at us with my camera as we followed close and got our test shots in.

What made this more exciting was that they turned around and walked the directions where we were sitting. So, we also turned around, definitley started to look like creeps, haha! After walking about 30 yards, with us trailing behind and trying to stay low in the crowd, Marcus finally got down on one knee in a quieter beach area and asked her to marry him! We could tell he was speaking from the heart because Madison was in total shock and in tears!

Madison and Marcus, congratulations to you both on a wonderful and heartfelt proposal! I wish you both the best in your future!

  1. Troy Freudenburg says:

    All I can say is I’m so excited for the love that is in there Hearts. Blessed to be apart of the Family and may God Bless these two beautiful people. Love you both .>..<

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