Four Year Business Anniversary


February 1, 2022

Today, February 1st 2022, marks my four year business anniversary! I am so excited to celebrate four years in business as a full-time wedding photographer!

Dana Arnold Photography

Hey, there! My name is Dana Arnold and I am a wedding photographer based out of Monterey, California! My brand is all about serving all couples who value all moments from the wedding day capture. They understand the importance of hiring a photographer who not only takes amazing photos, but also wants a photographer they have a connection with! It’s all about the vibe, after all, that will make the experience better.

Four Year Business Anniversary

Four Year Business Anniversary

If I am being honest, the last four years have gone by so fast. It’s so hard to believe that in the last four years, I have moved this business twice, and succeeded in all three states I have lived in.

Starting in Hawaii where this business was born, I realized that weddings were my jam and all I wanted to do. When we moved to Virginia, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to be more picky on the couples I served. The vibe was (is) more important than the money. Finally, after moving to California, I realized that my business is valued at more than what I was pricing myself out to be. So, I increased my prices to my worth and still booked over twenty weddings for 2022. Talk about growth.

This business had it’s fair share of failures too. Upset clients, some refunds, and even me having to fire a few couples due to lack of trust. I know, not something a business owner should share. But if you know me, you know I am an open book and embrace the failures to become better at what I do.

Four Year Business Anniversary

Destination Wedding Photographer

With this growth in the business, I am excited for what is to come this year for Dana Arnold Photography. She is getting a sister, and will start a brand that serves couples who want to get married in Europe! So, I will be traveling to The United Kingdom, Portugal, France, and Greece. Where I will meet and connect with local vendors, learn more about that industry, and photograph beautiful styled weddings and shoots at high-end venues.

It’s time I expand and FINALLY do the things I have wanted to do! Which is travel for weddings to places I love and admire so much.

Four year business anniversary

After moving twice, and currently working on a third move since 2018, I am so blessed for what I have experienced. Between surviving a move during a pandemic, and facing challenges as a friend and photographer, the growth is unreal. I am so grateful for the friends and family who support me. The couples who trusts in me to be their wedding photographer. And of course, the business coach that I admire so much (shoutout to Candice Coppola), I am still here. I have each and every one of you all to thank!

Happy Four Year Business Anniversary to me and my business, and I cannot wait to see what 2022 has in store for me!

Four Year Business Anniversary

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