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August 24, 2021

In 2014, I took my first ever International trip and it was with my now husband, Steven. I remember the process of getting my passport, and planning out our epic adventure that will take up one week. Only dating for three years, I was excited for this journey and getting to spend it with someone I loved. Our time in Paris, France was nothing short of incredible, romantic, and inspiring. A drive through the country side to Normandy, a day spent at the Luvre, and a dinner at Eiffel 53 for our Three Years dating anniversary. It was truly magical. On our last night, we climbed the Arch and it was this moment seeing the Eiffel Tower Sparkle that made me cry and officially fell in love with travel. This story is a representation on why I want to become an International Wedding Photographer.

For those of you who are new here. My name is Dana Arnold and I am a local wedding photographer based out of California. As well as an inspiring international wedding photographer who always seeks adventure, good food, and capturing moments that will forever tell your wedding day love story.

International Wedding Photographer

“We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone”

When you get married, you plan a wedding to celebrate a love story. You want to gather friends and family and just enjoy each others company, each others support. They, your guest, are there to celebrate you. The one thing that will help you share this story for years to come is by hiring a photographer who will be there to document each moment, and then share those photos with you.

International weddings are ones that are for adventure seekers. They love to explore and know the value of traveling; because you get to learn about a whole new country that many never get to even step foot in. My favorite thing about traveling is getting to document those moments, because I can relive that trip by simply looking at the photographs years after it has been done. I still think about our trip to Spain and can smell the delicious food on La Rambla.

It’s the same for weddings. You, the couple, are investing so much time and money planning a destination wedding in Europe, you deserve to relive those moments over and over for the rest of your lives!

International Wedding Photographer

If it’s two things I love the most, it’s traveling with my husband and photographing moments/weddings. After months sitting on this idea, and letting the Pandemic scare me, it was time. It’s time I do the thing my mind has been set on doing, and to be honest, I should have done this sooner. Starting an international wedding photography business will not be easy. I know for a fact that there will be many challenges. In my heart though, I know this was meant for me. When I made my official announcement on August 13th, 2021, I got so many wonderful messages. Friends have said “it’s about time”, and “If anyone can do this, you can”. That was so encouraging and inspiring. This is why I love our photography community. Plus, the support from friends and family is a blessing.

International Wedding Photographer

Why you should hire me.

To this reader: If you or anyone you know is getting married in Greece, France, or The United Kingdom, I am asking for your support. Maybe you know a friend who is thinking of a wedding there. Perhaps, you are planning a wedding there yourself! Here is why I think you should hire me to be your international wedding photographer.

Experience in Wedding Photography and giving you what you want.

When it comes to weddings, these days are taken seriously (yet, fun). It’s important you have someone trusted to be there to document your moments. You are, after all, spending money on such a loving, unique, and fun experience for you and your friends and family that can not be re-done. Hire someone who knows how to document that day and tell the story over again through photographs.

Experience in Flying during disasters and shutdowns

I have flown and traveled through some serious situations and still managed to get where I need to go. Not only did I fly 4 times during the Pandemic, but I have also flown to a country where the airport was taken over by protestors. Everything was locked down, but we walked quite a ways on the highway, and still got to our hotel safely. So, hiring someone who can manage those situations and know what to do is a plus. You really never know these days!

I am Type 7, and that is a photographer you want

I am Type 7- Therefore I am someone who will hype the crowd for the best and most candid photos. But also, a romantic who knows how to tell a story and ease a situation to make it more flattering. This means you get the best of both worlds. Light and loving moments, and raw/candid moments that will make anyone smile. Perfect for the couple who value both in their wedding gallery!

“I would like to travel the world with you twice. Once, to see the world.

Twice to see the way you see the world”

Here is the thing. When you hire me as your international wedding photographer, you will not just get a photographer. You will meet and get your new travel buddy. The one who loves to seek adventure and craves the chance to explore. On your wedding week, expect me to show up early. I want to be able to meet you there before your wedding, and meet your family. I want to see how the country changes you when we head out on the town the night before the wedding. This will allow me to see your love for travel, to see how the city you have chosen has impacted you. To see the city that will host the day you two will never forget. This way, I can tell that story in your photographs. This way, I can deliver your wedding gallery that will showcase how it all went down and why it was worth it all.

If you are someone you know is hosting a wedding in France, Greece, and/or The United Kingdom, have them reach out to me here. It would be an honor to sit down and have a conversation with them! Thank you!

International Wedding Photographer

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