Bayonet and Black Horse Wedding | California Wedding for Angelia & Luis


August 11, 2021

Hey, there! My name is Dana Arnold and I am a wedding photographer here in Monterey, California. I am so excited to share with you today this Beautiful Bayonet and Black Horse Wedding for Angelia and Luis. It was on a hazy and sunny day that these two tied the knot and said ” I Do ” at the alter on the golf course. Their story is so special and to be honest, can also be relatable for a few couples here in the Bay Area.

Like many, Angelia and Luis had to change their wedding date. However, not only was it because of Covid. Their wedding venue also burnt down from a fire that was in San Jose. Double Whammy. Most couples would have just given up and eloped. But these two? They were so determined to have the wedding they have dreamed up, that they kept going. Their new wedding venue was now in Monterey, and their wedding was nothing short of successful. I know that Angelia and her wedding team worked so hard in putting this together and the day had finally come! It was an honor to photograph this special day that no one would forget.

wedding details of the ring and dress
Bayonet and Black Horse Wedding
photo of the bride twirling in her wedding dress

Bayonet and Black Horse Wedding

They started with a first look on the lawn next to the main building. Perfect spot with good light to see his bride for the first time. Before the wedding began, I was able to get so many incredible photos of the bride and groom, their wedding parties, and reception details. From light sabers, drinking with the boys, and our groom having trouble putting on his jacket (see the photo bellow), this day was just full of fun and candid moments that brought me such joy. It’s why I love culling images, so I can see these moments and relive the wedding day.

photo collage of the groom on a golf course
photo of groom putting on jacket
groomsman playing with light sabers
first look at wedding
first look at a wedding on a golf course
Wedding party having a light saber fight

This wedding was truly incredible. I loved that Angelia and Luis said their own vows at the ceremony, that the wedding party kept up with my personality, and that I got so many who came up to me and telling me how much of a good job I did to capture their day. That is always a compliment I love hearing as a photographer. Everyone was on the floor partying it up to DJ Biz’s Music and you have to admit, Angelia looked beautiful in her makeup thanks to Cristal!

Congratulations to Angelia and Luis on hosting such a fun, nerdy, and beautiful wedding day at I wish you both nothing but the best as you continue your story as now husband and wife!

wedding couple walking down sidewalk at golf course
welcome sign with leaves around it
Bayonet and Black Horse Wedding
photo of groomsman on golf course
photo collage of the bride and groom
Bayonet and Black Horse Wedding
collage of bride in her wedding dress with flowers
bride wiping lipstick off his lips
Bayonet and Black Horse Wedding
Bayonet and Black Horse Wedding
Bayonet and Black Horse Wedding
Bayonet and Black Horse Wedding
Bayonet and Black Horse Wedding
Bayonet and Black Horse Wedding
Bayonet and Black Horse Wedding
Bayonet and Black Horse Wedding
  1. Katie Edgecombe says:

    💜💚💜💚💜 👰🏾‍♀️🤵🏽‍♂️💚💜💚💜💚
    Absolutely beautiful pictures!!! So happy for the bride and groom, now Mr. & Mrs. Luis Diaz!! Wishing them so much love and happiness 🙂

  2. Dee Guerrero says:

    It was such a beautiful day! Much love and many blessings to you both!!🥰

  3. Melissa Ford says:

    Angie and Luis you guys brought joyful tears looking at how beautiful your day was. I am so happy for you. Love you guys❤️❤️

  4. Tiffany says:

    Congratulations Angelia and Luis!!

  5. Jennifer & Stephen Bailey says:

    Stephen and I are soooo happy for the two of you! You were a GORGEOUS bride! Your wedding was beautiful! The location, the decor, food… was all amazing! Stephen and I wish the two of you a lifetime of love, happiness, good health and wonderful memories to be made! Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day!

    • darnold says:

      Hey! Thank you for the comment! I loved their wedding day and I am sure they loved having you there to celebrate with them.

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