California Vineyard Wedding


June 17, 2021

The first time I met Angela and Patrick at their engagement session, I knew right away that we were going to be friends! Even far beyond their wedding day. My first impression of these two was nothing short of amazing. Patrick is such a goof ball and Angela has such a sweet personality and welcomes you with a smile. It’s exciting to now share their California Vineyard Wedding that was held at Aloria Vineyards. The bride’s parents own this vineyard and Angela’s wedding is the first wedding held here! The staff is turning this into a gorgeous wedding venue and tours are already pouring in!

Wedding First Look

At a home on the top of the hill, you can expect a view of a blue reservoir. Here, the bride and her girls and the groom and his friends got ready for a wedding day. When it comes time for the first look, Patrick works his way outside to the side of the house. Walking backwards so he does not see his bride quite yet. The wedding party gathers on the side of the house, all watching and excited for Patrick to see Angela.

Slowly Angela walks around the corner of the house and gently places her hand on his shoulder. Patrick, being the silly man he is, smiles with such glee and jokes on which side he should turn around, left or right. It gets Angela to smile and laugh, and all of us just tell him it does not matter. Patrick turns left and in an instant of quiet, you can hear his heart pound. He tells Angela that she’s beautiful. Angela jokes that she is ugly crying, but yet she was the most beautiful bride. Patrick starts to cry too as they hug each other for the first time that day.

California Vineyard Wedding
first look at wedding
first look between the bride and groom

Wedding Ceremony

The Spinks had their ceremony along the hillside that overlooked part of the vineyard. The wedding arch was hand made from Angela’s dad and behind it, you can see far beyond the vineyard. Everyone gathered and took their seats in the hot sun, anticipating the moment where these two say I do. When it comes time to the wedding ceremony, the Top Gun theme song comes on and Patrick and his brother walk down the aisle, shades on, and looking like someone from the movie. Laugher fills the air. This turns to tears when Angela walks down the aisle in her beautiful dress.

Both Angela and Patrick face each other at the alter, and together share the most beautiful yet humorous vow exchange I have ever heard. Where they used song titles for their vows!

“Angela, do you take Patrick, with Open Arms, to be your Sweetest Thing from this day forward – Under Pressure and through the triumphs life brings you;  to Hold The Line even if he comes Down With The Sickness, will you love him Eight Days a Week, honor him with Every Breath You Take, cherish him as your Somebody to Love, and to let him Keep On Lovin You – for the rest of your life?”

“Patrick, do you take Angela, to Come Sail Away, through Fire and Rain, to be your lawfully wedded Sweet Talking Woman from this day forward – through whatever Changes and Foolish Games life brings you, even if she Drives You Crazy; will you give her A Whole Lotta Love, Love Her Madly, and Want to Hold Her Hand, All Night Long, even When You’re 64?”

Don’t worry, they both said Yes and I Do!

wedding rings on a white wedding invite
groom walking down the aisle with sunglasses
groom seeing his bride walk down the aisle
California Vineyard Wedding
bride and groom at the altar
California Vineyard Wedding
California Vineyard Wedding
bride and groom kissing

California Vineyard Wedding

Truly a remarkable day, I will always remember the wedding for Angela and Patrick! Every moment was purely perfect, and getting to see everyone celebrate love is one reason why I love being a wedding photographer!

Photographer: Dana Arnold Photography

Venue: Aloria Vineyards

Dress: All that Glitters on the gram

Catering/Desserts: Lila and Sage

DJ/Entertainment: Sound Extreme

Hair: Danielle Atkins

Makeup: Erinn Montoya

Florals: Olive and Rose Designs

Rentals: Primere Events Rentals

California Vineyard Wedding
bridal party girls
California Vineyard Wedding
California Vineyard Wedding
bride with her beautiful bouquet
groom doing finger guns at his friends
two photos of the groom in his tux smiling
the groom with this groomsman laughing in photos
collage of the bridal party and the groomsman
California Vineyard Wedding
bouquet of white flowers on the window seal
wedding party doing a champagne pop
table scape with white plates, sage plants, and menu on plate
California Vineyard Wedding
first dance as husband and wife
California Vineyard Wedding
California Vineyard Wedding
California Vineyard Wedding
grape vienyard
California Vineyard Wedding
groom holding his bride from behind and smiling

  1. Leslie Pollock says:

    Oh my goodness! Makes me cry. I didn’t cry at the wedding. Lovely. Beautiful. Truly a special day.
    I wish you every happiness.

  2. Danielle Ramirez King says:

    Absolutely beautiful and what an amazing couple and such an amazing day to remember. Cherish each other and remember that love can take you through any journey! May you two be blessed for the rest of your lives.

  3. Beverly Johnson says:

    A fantastic wedding for a fantastic couple!
    May your lives together be as fantastic.

  4. The Huerta's says:

    May the days ahead be as Fantastic as is this First.
    Congratulations, and Best Wishes for many more Fabulous Moments together.

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