Today we celebrate six years of marriage!


June 13, 2021

Today, we celebrate six years of marriage!! I cannot believe that six years ago, we got married at his grandmother’s church on a gorgeous Spring day in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania. He was wearing his dress blues, me in my cheap wedding dress, and we enjoyed our $5,000 wedding, followed by our honeymoon that was just as much!

Today we celebrate six years of marriage

This past year

Since last year, we have had a wonderful and exceptional year. We managed to get through a Pandemic together. I say this because you were home nearly every day, which is something we are not used to. Most of our relationship was us being apart, so this was going to be challenging. But if anything, it made us stronger as a couple. We found different ways to communicate with each other. You even got to do some exploring with me and followed me to Pittsburgh where we saw your best friend and you watched me host a fun styled wedding shoot! That meant more to me than you will ever know.

This year, we also did face the most challenging thing as dog parents; watching our sweet doggo go through such a long surgery and recovery for her to feel better again when walking. Two ACL surgeries and long nights, and you were always by her side and carrying her when she could not walk.

It wasn’t long after this that we made our way to California for yet another military move for the US Navy! We got to hang out at home for a bit before our third cross-country road trip. Along the way, we stopped in different cities and tried foods from Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. My favorite moments were in our hotel rooms. After eating, we would cuddle and Karma would lay in between your legs. We also had a wonderful weekend in Arizona. Here we hung out with one of your high-school friends and his wife, went to the zoo, and you got to meet my long-term business mentors (Amy and Jordan) who taught me how to do Photography! Even better, we had a photo session with them!

Today we celebrate six years of marriage
Today we celebrate six years of marriage

Now, here we are! We made it to Monterey, California where we will be spending just under two years here. So far, we have been enjoying the local food and hike spots, along as a new adventure in our marriage! For our anniversary, we will be in Murphy’s, California for the weekend! Wine tasting and good food is on our to-do list.

Our goals the next year in our marriage is to travel internationally, spend a weekend in San Francisco, and continue to work towards our health goals by staying active while eating delicious local foods!

Today we celebrate six years of marriage
Today we celebrate six years of marriage

Today we celebrate six years of marriage

Thank you so much, Steven. For being such an incredible and supportive husband. Being your wife brings me such joy and I am so blessed to call you my forever.

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