Military homecoming outfits


March 31, 2021

As if the stress of a navy homecoming is not enough, planning on what to wear is even more difficult. It has been what… six months? Nine? Since you last saw your spouse. I know you want to look really good for them. So you shave your legs, clean the house, and get things read by stocking the fridge. All of this in hopes that they actually come home on the set day and not change again (for the second time). I am a Navy Wife and I have photographed dozens of Navy homecomings. From submarines to carriers, in all types of weather (rain or shine) in two different states. I also had my own homecomings and know what it feels like to change your mind over and over on what to wear. So, based on this experience, here are my favorite military Homecoming Dresses!

military homecoming outfits

First, you want to add a pop of color in you dress. Something that stands you out in that large crowd. Don’t worry, he will still know what you look like! But, adding that pop of color will really show well if you have a photographer that documents more on the color side.

Military Homecoming Dresses
Military Homecoming Dresses

Here are the follow places that have beautiful dark color dresses that might be your style!

ASOS- Dark patterns on dresses and tops

BOHME- Bohemian style and color dresses

Floral and lighter color dresses

If you are looking for light and pastel colors, then I would recommend those as well. These are perfect for summer and spring time homecomings and other military events. I personally love the pastel look since I am a light and airy photographer.

My favorite store to get gorgeous maxi and knee-length dresses are from Baltic Born. They are usually true to size (although can sometimes be long) but are the best quality and most are under $60.00

Photo of girls at navy homecoming wearing dresses
Navy Homecoming Dresses

Rompers and Jumpsuits

The best part about wearing a romper or a jumpsuit is that we wont have to worry about the wind blowing and showing our underwear. We definitley do not want to be that person! So, these can be cute for hot summer days, or chilly fall days. Wear them with cute sandals and a jacket for the chilly breeze. Plus, wearing a romper or jump suit allows you to do the thing… where you jump in his arms and wrap your legs around them! I mean, can’t do that with a dress!

Revolve has an endless amount of rompers you can choose from $35 to $200 and are totally worth it!

Lulu’s also has a variety of jumpsuits and rompers that are less than $100 and usually are true to size (but can be tricky so when in doubt, size up if “true to size” is 75% or less)

Dana Arnold Photography

For those who don’t know me, welcome! Thanks for reading. I am Dana Arnold- Navy Wife and Wedding and Military Photographer based out of Monterey, California. In true military fashion, I have lived all over the country, traveled all over the world, and just moved my business again.

I am here to serve couples getting married in the State of California, and educate military spouses and families about homecomings, change of commands, promotions, retirements, and more!

Traveling is what I love to do. Helping and serving those who serve is also what I love to do. Being a photographer allows me to do both and I am excited to be here and helping you guys! Feel free to reach out and find me on Insta at Dana Arnold Photography or check out one of my latest blog posts for all the fun key tips and inspiration on wedding photography or/and military photography!

military homecoming outfits

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