Engagement Session at Monterey Beach


March 13, 2021

Engagement Session at Monterey Beach

On a chilly yet golden evening on the beach, Jon pulled his fiance into his arms. He wrapped them around her, giving her warmth from the sea breeze. The sun setting, he grabs her hand and pulls her in for a kiss. Maria shows a faint smile, and no words are spoken. I click away at this raw moment, and smiled as I put the camera back down. Being a Monterey Photographer, I get to meet couples from all over the Bay Area, and document their love. Here is their fun Engagement Session at Monterey Beach!

But first, I have to introduce myself to those who are new here. I’m Dana. Wedding and portrait photographer based out of Monterey, California, but travel all over for weddings. I love serving couples who love and value photography, and appreciate every moment they have with their loved ones. Whether at portrait sessions or weddings!

Engagement Session at Monterey Beach
Engagement Session at Monterey Beach

My first impression of Maria and Jon was impressive. I say this because as I was waiting in my car, I saw them drive up in a big truck. There was a very small parking spot and they were parking that truck in that tiny spot. I thought, there is no way they can fit that big boy in there. Maria did, with ease and grace. They started to walk down to me and I smiled, cheering them on for accomplishing it. I laugh because I would have just given up and parked down the street, haha!

Engagement Session at Monterey Beach

Golden Hour engagement at Monterey Beach

Maria and Jon were so easy to talk to. I love their up-beat personality, that they always love to have fun, and giggle and joke at all the things. During the session, Jon “accidentally” dropped Maria when she sat on his lap, and she flew back-words! It happened way to quick, and for a split second, I thought, oh no! However, Maria found it to be funny, and Jon was laughing so hard. Smiling, she just got right back on his lap and we continued on.

That kind of personality is my favorite. They can joke and have a good time to brush off an awkward moment, but then get right back on their feet. When it comes time to serious talk, they put their hats on and have it, no jokes intended.

Maria and Jon, thank you so much for having me as your engagement photographer! I loved spending time with you, and am looking forward to follow along on Instagram as your journey continues!

Champagne Pop

Ya’ll know I love me a good way to end a session by doing a champagne pop. These two cracked me up and did a good job making this an epic moment. I did not have to try and get them to laugh, this all came naturally. The moment the top came off, they were geeking out! These are always so much fun to capture.

champagne pop
champagne pop
Monterey Photographer

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There is also this website that sells beautiful dresses-perfect for any engagement session! I use them myself! It’s called Baltic Born

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