Seabright State Beach Engagement Session


February 27, 2021

Seabright State Beach

Tis’ the season for engagements! From Santa Cruz to Monterey, I have been traveling up and down photographing beautiful engagement sessions. Brooke and Sam won my heart over and I am excited to talk about them today. So, I wanted to sure their Seabright State Beach Engagement Session for all to be inspired by, for when you are ready to have yours (hopefully with me).

For those of you new here, I am Dana Arnold. A light and airy wedding photographer based out of Monterey California. I just moved here in late 2020, during the pandemic. So, when it was time to start shooting again (safely), I was beyond excited to meet so many couples. These two were no different.

Seabright State Beach
Seabright State Beach Engagement Session

My first impression for Brooke and Sam was that they were going to be incredible to photograph. Why? Their giggles! The smile they have when they look at each other. It was the way he looked at her that showcased how much he loves her. You can tell someone is really loved when they pour out their feelings through smiles and sweet kisses I know Brooke is loved because she pours love into others. That is why she is a teacher!

Seabright State Beach Engagement Session

I love being an engagement and wedding photographer. My “job” is all about traveling up and down the coast, meeting new people, and simply capture photos that tell their love story; that show who they are as a couple. The ones who are madly in love are the ones who get to see that in their photo gallery.

Seabright State Beach

Couples like Sam and Brooke make my heart happy. At the end of the day, I got a gift bag from them with personal items that made me tear up. Sam has a 3D printer and he printed out an airplane, because I love traveling. Brooke drew a watercolor camera with my name on it, and it had a sweet and personal thank you note on the back. They both also got me a gift card to amazon, and let me say, that is so needed! Such personal details that made my heart so happy and reminded me why I do this. It’s to connect, build relationships with people, because I LOVE PEOPLE.

Brooke and Sam, thank you for being such an incredible couple and for coming into my life. Thank you for saying yes to having me be your engagement photographer and for such an amazing time! Enjoy some of my favorites from this engagement session!

Seabright State Beach

Champagne Pop

Oh, and if you are wondering, of course we did a champagne pop to end their evening with me! I mean, what better way to end the engagement session than with one. I love these so much because it allows us to celebrate. For these, I let the guy involved pop it. It allows him (or them, depending on your pronouns) to get involved. It’s a complex pose, actually. You always have to make sure you shake the bottle before opening it! I always explain more into detail at the shoot, but these face reactions were candid and perfect!

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