Ideas for a beach engagement session


February 20, 2021

Ideas for a beach engagement session

If you are lucky enough to live along the ocean, then you can have some gorgeous sunrise or sunset engagement photos on the beach! Personally, I love beach photography! I love the warm glow from the sun, the smell of the ocean, and the several options I have for posting on the beach! If you are having your photo session here soon, I have some ideas for a beach engagement session that can definitley inspire you to have a fun shoot!

I’m Dana Arnold! Wedding Photographer. Dog mom. Military wife. Travel addict. I get the pleasure to photograph beautiful couples all over California. One of my favorite things is helping couples prepare for their engagement session, whether they hire me or not, so they can have thee best experience with their wedding photographer. I am so excited to share with you today some very cool poses that you might want to do at your beach engagement session.

couple walking on rocks at beach

Climbing on rocks can be a lot of fun! In Carmel-by-the-sea, there is this beach here, and has become a favorite. The rocks can be pretty slippery then they are wet, but can also be fun to use for photos!

couple on rock at beach
Ideas for a beach engagement session

Sitting on rocks is one of my favorite things to do for a pose. It’s casual, but a little bit of spice (hand on her leg, nose snuggling), and these can become really cute photos!

Rocky beach photo session

With a beach, you have the option to use the water breaking on the same as a fun way for the couples to enjoy the water. I have them start by walking on the sand, walking away from me, and then walking back to the camera. I love when they are down to get their feet wet! You can hold hands, look at each other, and kick the water as it comes to shore. There is also running towards the camera that gives for a classic candid look.

Ideas for a beach engagement session
Ideas for a beach engagement session
Ideas for a beach engagement session

Lastly, you have some fun and simple snuggle photos! I have to say that Will and Ava are so good at snuggling and getting close. They are the type of couple that just loves to laugh, carry on, and have a good time. When I posed them, it turned into laughter and just carrying on. This made for some adorable moments with pure smiles and laughter. That is something that you cannot fake!

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couple giggling on the beach at sunset
couple holding each other and laughing
Ideas for a beach engagement session
man giving his girl a bear hug on the beac
couple snuggling on beach

I love sharing my favorite engagement session photos! Looking for more inspiration? Here are a few more blogs that showcase beautiful beach engagement photo sessions!

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