Gardener Ranch | Carmel Wedding Venue

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February 3, 2021

Hidden in the valley of Carmel stands a beautiful ranch, also known as Gardener Ranch Carmel Wedding Venue. Presidents and famous actors and singers have come to this ranch in the past, and continue to travel here for retreats, weddings, cooking classes, and more. I had the privilege to chat with Heather, and she gave me a lovely early morning tour. The sun was shinning through the trees on this cold morning, with temperatures in the low 40’s. Birds were chirping, the wind was blowing, and Carmel River can be heard in the distance. Oak trees and fresh greenery is what filled the air with such a warm and welcoming smell.

Gardener Ranch | Carmel Wedding Venue
Gardener Ranch | Carmel Wedding Venue

The Ceremony and Reception Space

Throughout the ranch are so many areas where you can host your elopement, micro-wedding, and any large wedding retreat. From courtyards to patios, you have endless options. Some of the most popular are have the ceremony under the oak trees, and wedding games just outside the pool area. The indoor dance floor just steps away!

Gardener Ranch | Carmel Wedding Venue
Gardener Ranch
Gardener Ranch Ceremony Space

As I was walking through the property with Heather, tea in our hands, she was lit up when we talked about the homes and suites on the property. There are so many options for guest, and close family and friends are able to stay on the property for the weekend when the wedding is there. The houses were so beautiful, and lots of room!

Guest House in Carmel

Gardener Ranch | Carmel Wedding Venue

Wether you are here to host your wedding or looking to take a cooking class, there is so much you can do here at Gardener Ranch. The staff is so warm and welcoming, and you really cannot go wrong with getting married at one of the most beautiful wedding venues in California!

Why Gardener Ranch?

  1. The offer a variety of wedding packages that will fit your need, and it’s perfect to have your micro-wedding or elopement as well
  2. They are LGBTQ friendly and that to me is most important
  3. Views never get old, and think about how your images will look in front of the oak trees, under the arch, and at night on that famous checkered dance floor!
  4. Gardener Ranch also offers cooking classes, wine tasting, off road adventures, hikes, yoga, and more! They really are the venue that has it all!

If you are looking to book a tour and consider Gardener Ranch for your dream wedding venue, reach out to them using this link and set up a time for a tour! They are booking for 2021 and 2022 now!

Gardener Ranch | Carmel Wedding Venue
Gardener Ranch | Carmel Wedding Venue
Gardener Ranch | Carmel Wedding Venue
Gardener Ranch | Carmel Wedding Venue

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