Three Years in Business


February 1, 2021

Monterey Wedding Photographer

I was about to start off this blog with “I cannot believe I made it to three years” and then I quickly hit backspace. Personally, I am not surprised that I did make it to three years in business. Owning a business is one of the hardest things that I have ever done. Wearing all the hats, I do what it takes to make this business shine and continue on to serve others. After all, that is why I started my wedding business photography. So I can be home more, and earn an income to volunteer, donate, and travel the world.

Today, I celebrate three years as a full-time wedding photographer and I am so proud of where I am today. The challenges I faced would have made any business owner run for the hills. Start a business full-time, move that business over and over (and over) again. Then, add a pandemic in the mix. Talk about growth and experience in it all. Sometimes I say that I envy the people who get to stay in one place all their life with their business. Then again, I say who has the chance to live all over the country, shoot venues in all these different states, and meet SO MANY incredible vendors? Not many. Because of it, I am the photographer I am today.

Hawaii Wedding Photography

My business started on Oahu, Hawaii after I got educated by Amy and Jordan. The lifestyle took off from there and I DID NOT STOP. I was craving to go full-time and did what it took. So, I shot all the sessions, learned all the things, and embraced every mistake I made. I mean, just look at the eight photos bellow and how quickly I grew. You can see where the education started and when I started to find my style and brand.

Then Came Virginia (AND COVID)

My move from Hawaii to Virginia was challenging but worth it. Not long after I arrived and settled in, I was booking up sessions left and right. Weddings were filling up fast thanks to wedding wire, facebook ads, instagram, and google (my website SEO guy is incredible).

When 2020 got here, I was ready to finish my time in Virginia strongly. Covid came soon after I booked up 2020 in full. Most of those weddings happened by the grace of god and things opening up. It did take a toll on my business and for the first time, I was scared I was going to go out of business. Not because yet another move was coming up, but because of covid and all the challenges I faced from it.

Virginia still gave me some grace. I absolutely loved the weddings I shot in Virginia, West Virginia, Key West, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. I was still able to come up with ways to stay in business, make money, and get myself through the pandemic.

Three Years in Business
Three Years in Business
Three Years in Business

Some features of my work when I was in Virginia!

  1. Virginia Bride: Jeanette and Hudson
  2. Tidewater and Tulle: Dylan and Lauren
  3. Budget Savvy Bride: Sydney and Ben’s Elopement

Welcome to California

My second move as a business owner was during a pandemic and shutdown. With the help of my mentor, my favorite SEO guy, and hard work, the move out here was just as successful. Leading up to my anniversary, bookings are taking place, and I continued to work hard to earn money and help others, so I can stay in business and hit three years.

I can believe that I made it this far. Grateful is not enough to describe how I feel. So many, I am talking hundreds of couples, have trusted in me to document their moments. Whether weddings, family portraits, or military events. Support from close friends and family is also what kept me going. Let me be arrogant in this and say that I know I am a great photographer and I know I have what it takes to continue on and hit more milestones.

Thank you everyone, for all that you have done for me. Hiring me. Supporting me. Cheering me on. It’s all I need to keep going and keep making this my lifestyle. Happy Three Year Anniversary Dana Arnold Photography, LLC

bride and groom in front of classic car in monterey
husband is kissing his fiances forward on the beach
couple popping champagne on the beach

Three Years in Business | Monterey Wedding Photographer

Three Years in Business
Three Years in Business
Three Years in Business

Three Years in Business | Dana Arnold Photography

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