Wedding Planning Advice


January 5, 2021

The engagement season is upon us, for December through February are the three months out of the year with the most proposals. Not surprising with the holidays in that time frame! As a wedding photographer, I have seen it all with wedding planning. I have worked with so many planners. Most of the time, I ask them what advice they would give to their couples. There is also an addition based on my own experience. With the ever ending changes in the wedding industry, the process of booking vendors changes with it. Today, I am offering wedding planning advice and this topic is all about things to ask your wedding vendors BEFORE you book them!

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Wedding Planning Advice


This thing we call Corona Virus has flipped the wedding industry upside down. With this, here are some things to ask each vendor. Note, not all will apply to all vendors!

  1. What is your change the date policy if I had to reschedule because of covid?
  2. If I had to change to a smaller package due to covid, how would that work?
  3. What is your cancelation policy if I had to cancel all together? Is there a cancelation fee?
  4. If you get sick with covid the time frame of our wedding, and cannot make it, what is your backup plan?


This goes more towards photographers, venues, and planners!

  1. Do you have liability insurance for your gear/products?
  2. Is there insurance with this package if someone were to damage the property by accident or on purpose? What does this insurance cover?

For Photographers

There is so much that can happen with your photographer, and aside from the above questions, you should ask more. As a photographer myself, I always tell my clients this up front during our phone call. You deserve to know what would happen if well, something were to happen.

  1. How many cameras do you have, and do you have a backup?
  2. What would happen if you get sick on the day of our wedding and cannot make it?
  3. Explain your process for saving our images!
  4. What is your policy on if I had to change my wedding date?
Wedding Planning Advice
Things to ask your wedding vendors

For venues

These are some questions to ask your wedding venue. Most couples do not think about these but when the event happens, you could be screwed. So, keep these in mind and do not be afraid to ask!

  1. Does your venue include wedding planning or day of coordination?
  2. If I had to downsize my event due to a virus or any reason, what is your policy on package changes? Do I owe you more or less money?
  3. Is there outside alcohol or catering aloud in the venue, or do we have to use your own company?
  4. Can I have my engagement session here at the venue?
  5. Do you allow any grand exits such as sparklers or fireworks?

Wedding Planning Advice

Please make sure to save this blog, or take a photo of the questions. This way, you have them handy when you ask each vendor and can write it down. Best idea is to create an excel sheet with each of the questions. Then, when you chat with each one, you can write their names down and write their answers as well. This will help you keep organized and find with vendor is best for you!

Wedding Planning Advice
Things to ask your wedding vendors

Wedding Planning Advice

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