2021 mindset and goals


January 1, 2021

Word of the year: MORE. Every year, we (business owners) love picking a word of the year, and then using that as our theme to live and work by. It can be something as simple as money or growth, or something more complex. For me, MORE is going to be my word of the year. I am talking, more of serving the best couples, more beach days, more hiking and less couch-sitting. I want to do more reading and less TV watching. More giving back to the local community and more of supporting local businesses.

Photography Goals

2021 mindset and goals
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One of my favorite things about photography is that I have the flexibility to be creative in my editing. This is why we create styled shoots and host pro-bono sessions. This year, one of my goals is to bring out my creative side. Try new locations, new posting, and yes, even some new editing. I want to explore more. This year, I have a winery styled shoot planned. The theme is french, and we will be using the color of the year for 2021- gray and yellow. Colors I normally would not shoot with!

Second, I would love to shoot more adventure shoots. Some that consist of hiking along cliffs along the water. Where the couple would wear hiking gear, not fancy clothes. Again, something that I normally would not shoot!

Lastly, my other photography goal is to simply serve my 2021 couples with more grace. Most of my 2021 weddings are rescheduled weddings due to covid. So, I will be traveling to Virginia quite a bit. I am so excited to be able to finally photograph those weddings for the couples who have been planning their big day for literally months/years!

Personal goals

2021 mindset and goals

As I had mentioned earlier in this post, I want to do more that makes me truly happy. That is more reading, more supporting small, and more giving back to the community.

My first personal goal is simple- pick up more books and put down the remote.

Second, I would love to have more beach days. Sitting on the beach, listening to the waves is therapy to me. Has been since I was a kid.

Third, after the year we all had, I know that we all need to stick together and support each other. Giving back to local shelters, and buying small is what makes my heart happy. By the end of the year, I am hoping to have $4,200 saved to host an incredible food drive in November. Using this income, I will also be investing in a 2022 mission trip (hoping for Africa or the Philippines).

2021 mindset and goals

My thirties in just a year and a half away, and looking right now, my late 20’s will be my roaring twenties. The next 20 months that host my twenties will consist of more growth, more happiness, and more of letting go what does not matter to me. When I looked back on the last few years, I realized that a lot of my stress that I had dealt with is because I had high hopes for friendships and relationships. Only to have my heart broken by some. So, it’s time to do more of cutting people out as well.

I am entering 2021 with more hope and more courage. This new chapter is unwritten and I will write out my story with grace.

Happy New Year, friends!



2021 mindset and goals
2021 mindset and goals

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