Culpepper Barn Wedding


October 28, 2020

Before I talk about this Culpepper Barn Wedding, let’s tell a story. A classic love story that never gets old. Two high-school students walk into youth group, not knowing that they were in the same room with the person they were going to marry. An instant click, Chris knew he had to take this girl on a date. He prepared himself by planing a movie where Sam’s mom would drive them, but not without meeting her dad first and getting his approval. Hand-in-hand, they walk through the movie theatre. Smiling ear-to-ear, they enjoy the evening, even with all the butterflies they were feeling. From this moment though, things got complicated.

School and jobs separated them, but love inside kept them together. Tens years have gone by and in this timeframe, they were apart more than when they were together. Chris and Sam still knew that they were going to get through it. They stood by each others side through thick and thin. At the end of all the challenges, came a proposal at a winery, and then, a beautiful wedding.

She Said Yes

The best kind of proposal is when she has no idea it’s happening. There were so many signs that day, but it went right over Sam’s head. Chris took her and her brother to their favorite winery. The day was filled with a local musician who sang right around the time he was going to ask her. She had a sangria in hand, and was enjoying the view. Chris started to talk to Sam about how much she meant to him. Still clueless, she was listening and agreeing on how much they have overcome.

Maybe it was the peaceful atmosphere, or the alcohol… but once he started to really get deep into the feelings he had for her, she looked away from the view, saw her brother recording, and realized what was happening. He was asking her to marry him. 8 or so years of love, friendship, and challenges had lead them both to this day, the day that she has always dreamed of. A yes came out of her mouth as tears and love filled the air.

The Wedding Day

On the hottest day of the fall season, two families turned into one. Family and friends were putting the final touches together. Ice in the coolers, setting up the kegs, making sure all the decorations are in line. Samantha was in the bridal suite getting glammed up, and Chris was as cool as a cucumber in the other barn, hanging with his dudes. The bride’s father, dressed in uniform, was prepping to see his daughter during their first look. The mother of the groom, was simply taking in each special moment. Everyone was smiling, filled with happy tears, and were ready to see these two say I do.

Samantha and Chris, your story is one that I will never forget. From the moment I met you two at your engagement session, leading up to your wedding day, I had butterflies in my stomach. Both of you and your families are truly loving, warming, and welcoming. I felt at home being there, and I felt so happy that you trusted me to document your love story. Your wedding day was full of emotion and love, humor and happiness. Thank you to you both and your families for trusting me to be there, and I will always be there to love and support you both as you need it. All my love and wishes to you both! Now, enjoy some of my favorites from your wedding day!

Culpepper Barn Wedding

Photographer: Dana Arnold Photography

Second Photographer: Anna Kratoville

Venue: Culpepper Barn

Dress: Milk and Honey Bride

Makeup: Blushtones

Hair: Flawless On Site

Florals: Bloominous

Catering: Beach Bully BBQ

Donuts: Duck Donuts

Culpepper Barn Wedding
Culpepper Barn Wedding and first look with dad
Culpepper Barn Wedding
Culpepper Barn Wedding
Culpepper Barn Wedding
Culpepper Barn Wedding
Culpepper Barn Wedding
Culpepper Barn Wedding
  1. CarrieRicksecker says:

    OMG! Sooooo wonderful!

  2. Kris Fuerstenberg says:

    Oh my gosh! LOVE these so much!!!!!! Beautiful write up of Chris and Sam’s love story also!!💕

  3. Kristin Miller says:

    Incredible photos that captured their love so completely! Wonderful individuals, fantastic couple! Honored to be apart of their special day!!!

  4. Susan Box says:

    Love everything about this! The love story, the beautiful setting and the perfect pictures to document the day! I wish we would have stayed for the sparklers!!!

    • darnold says:

      Thank you, Susan! I am sorry you could not stay for it, but you have an idea on how it went thanks to the photos on here! This is why I make the blog, to tell the story and for those who could not make it see the day through the blog!

  5. Nickie Butler says:

    I am so happy you posted these pictures- I was there the day Sam and Chris met in youth group and have followed their journey ever since. :0) I was truly sorry I wasn’t able to be there and this allowed me to share in their joy-thank you!

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