Hilton Virginia Beach Wedding


October 12, 2020

Sarah and Devon had plans to host a big wedding at the Hilton Garden Inn in Virginia Beach, but Covid had other ideas for them. Most of their friends and family are from Massachusetts, and unfortunately could not attend. Like most wedding recently, a large one has become a micro wedding. Which, is a wedding with about 30 or so people attending. Sarah and Devon decided to continue with their wedding date and on a day with wonderful weather. During their ceremony, someone had Facebook Live on, allowing those to see these two Say I Do who could not make it. This Hilton Virginia Beach Wedding was one they did not expect. They day was perfect though, and each guest were so full of happiness and laughter. For a micro wedding, they sure knew how to dance!

When Blair, the wedding planner, reached out and told me about this wonderful couple, I had to jump on the opportunity. Their original wedding photographer could not make it, and I was blessed that Blair came right to me about it. Sarah and Devon agreed to hire me just days before the wedding date. I am so glad I had said yes because let me tell you, I love Sarah and Devon. Sarah is someone who is on her game, and just wants to dance and have a good time! Devon was able to handle my “bossy” personality and always snapped back with comebacks when I cracked jokes. If you do not already know, I can be a bossy photographer during the wedding day. It is to ensure it all goes well and photos are documented by the couples request.

The Wedding Day

Each family member and friend greeted me, talked with me, and laughed along with me as we lived through the moments. I loved getting to meet everyone who was there for their big day. This is one reason why I love Micro Weddings, I have time to talk to everyone and see how their experience is going. I met a lovely man who was in the AirForce (cough-Chairforce-cough) for so long and has done many deployments. I got to hear the story about a friendship that has been ever-lasting.

The cupcakes were made by a family member and she did a wonderful job! Did I mention that one of the bridal party members cried about 30 times? It was so cute! She even helped Sarah with the dress when we did photos in the courtyard! She is getting married in July of next year and I can only imagine how she is going to act at her own wedding!

Sarah and Devon were just such an amazing couple to serve. I felt comfortable around them and their guest (friends and family). It’s always nice when you are welcomed as family, not as just another wedding vendor. Even though it was hard to get Devon to smile, I did manage to document a few precious moment of his pure laughter. Sarah looked like a beautiful queen in her ball gown dress with a long train, and when they were together, you can sense the love. Devon would look into her eyes and I swear his would sparkle. They are meant to be together, because I see my husband and I in them.

Thank you, Sarah and Devon, for trusting me to be there on your wedding day. Your outdoor ceremony, your spacious reception set-up, and your need for efficiency and obsession with Mac and Cheese is what I loved most. I think that is why we got along well! I wish you both nothing but the best as you continue your journey here in Virginia Beach!

Hilton Virginia Beach Wedding

Photographer: Dana Arnold Photography

Venue/Catering: Hilton Garden Inn VB Oceanfront

Planner: Blair Nelson- call 757-619-3586

Bridal: Avenir Bridal Boutique

Suit: Jos A Bank

Florist: Wayne Jones

Invites: Shutterfly

Rings: Diamonds Direct

HMU: The Look Salon

Cupcakes/Cake: Cheryl Phillips (family member)

DJ: Astro Entertainment

Officiant: Susan Turner

Hilton Virginia Beach Wedding
Hilton Virginia Beach Wedding
Hilton Virginia Beach Wedding
Hilton Virginia Beach Wedding
Hilton Virginia Beach Wedding
Hilton Virginia Beach Wedding
Hilton Virginia Beach Wedding
Hilton Virginia Beach Wedding
bride and groom portraits in virginia beach
Bride and groom portraits in virginia beach
Hilton Virginia Beach Wedding
  1. Terry Culpepper- Rysz says:

    Such a beautiful ceremony. So glad to be able to see it documented with so much love. Best of everything to a wonderful couple.

  2. Michele Wojnicki says:

    Just beautiful, thank you for sharing. Congradulations to both of you.

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