Norfolk Botanical Garden Wedding


September 25, 2020

As John awaits for his bride outside in the courtyard, Sarah walks into the rotunda building dressed in her beautiful wedding gown. A smile sits on her face as she walks closer to me, knowing that in just a few moments, she is about to lay her eyes on her husband for the first time that day. A day that was perfect for a Norfolk Botanical Garden Wedding. She steps outside and down the stairs- where visitors exploring the gardens stop and gasp at the moment occurring. When Sarah gets closer to John, he can tell that she is near because a calm face turned into a large smile. John nearly loses is breath when Sarah places her hand on his left shoulder, both smiling, both sniffling, and both eager to see each other. I finally give John the go-ahead to turn around and see his beautiful bride.

The two agreed to exchange letters before the ceremony. I step away to give them some room to enjoy this intimate moment together. The tears flow, and Sarah gets out her special handkerchief to dab her tears and it’s during this that John looks at her and said “I love you so much”. It was this moment onward, that John and Sarah were giggly, full of life, and were much more relaxed, allowing them to enjoy the rest of the day!

About Sarah and John

These two actually met by a mutual friend while meeting said mutual friend for dinner. The two hit it off instantly during their outing with friends and from there, kept in touch and got together. After dating for 7 years, John new it was finally time to ask Sarah to marry him. He had all these plans for that day but got so nervous, ended up canceling them all and asking her to marry him in their kitchen!

John was asked what he loved most about Sarah; he had said that he loves when she pushed him to be the best, and that she is his rock! Sarah was asked the same thing and one of her favorite things about John is that he lifts her up when she is feeling down. I sense a pattern here, don’t you?

Sarah and John’s wedding day could not have gone better and it’s because of their amazing friends and family who attended. The vendor team also came together to make this wedding happen based on their vision! I loved getting to be apart of their day! Thank you Sarah and John for trusting me and having me at your wedding; I wish you two the best!

Norfolk Botanical Garden Wedding

Photographer: Dana Arnold Photography

Second Photographer: Sarah Eleanor Photography

Venue: Norfolk Botanical Garden

Planner: Belle Events

Catering: Creative Catering

Hair: Shanna Lane-Stylist

Makeup: Dolled by Don

Dress: Studio I Do Bridals

Bakery: Jamie’s Bakeshop

Florals: Norfolk Wholesale Florals

Rings: Diamonds Direct

DJ: Astro Entertainment

Norfolk Botanical Garden Wedding
Norfolk Botanical Garden Wedding
Norfolk Botanical Garden Wedding
Norfolk Botanical Garden Wedding
Norfolk Botanical Garden Wedding
Norfolk Botanical Garden Wedding
Norfolk Botanical Garden Wedding
Norfolk Botanical Garden Wedding

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