What to expect when you hire me as your wedding photographer


September 11, 2020

If you know me, you know that I am probably the least professional “professional photographer” you have ever met/will ever meet. Let me explain. I am a casual person- so you will rarely find me wearing makeup. Most days, I show up to sessions in leggings, a shirt, and a messy bun. When it comes to weddings, that is where I will be the most dressed-up. Nice black dress is on, hair done, jewelry on, and maybe makeup (if I am feeling it). My brand for photography? PG-13. So, in other words, this is what to expect when you hire me as your wedding photographer

I hate being salsey

One thing I hate is when people care more about making money than they do about providing a product their customer actually wants. They care more about their wallet, and so they will lie or upsale, leaving you out of budget and getting more then what you need.

When we talk on the phone for the first time, I will listen to you and your story. What does you and your spouse want? What are your goals in getting the final photography package product? By listening to what you have to say, I will be sure to come up the best package for that based on your budget. No up-sales.

You can also expect me to tell you what would happen if x,y,z were to occur. For example, if I got sick the day of your wedding. Unless I am contagious or throwing up everywhere, I will be there. If I cannot, I always reach out to a few photographers and make sure they are free to cover the wedding if I were to get sick.

What to expect when you hire me as your wedding photographer
Monterey Wedding Photographer

Problem Solver

Do not get this mixed up with me also being your wedding planner (I do not have time to do both). However, if a problem were to occur and you need advice from someone with experience in shooting weddings (I have seen it all), I would be more than happy to take a few minutes to guide you on the right path and help you decide what to do.

On your wedding day, the light is not always the best. Neither is the weather. There are days where the sun is so bright, or it rains. This is why I am a light chaser- I can find the best spots for photos where you will look your best. You can also expect me to have a clear umbrella, just in case it rains. No outdoor locations at your venue for photos? I will be sure to find one a few minutes from the venue we can easily drive too. It’s my job as your photographer to make sure your photographs will be the best under any situation.

I am not like the others

It’s all over my Instagram– you will find me being myself. I talk about the pros and cons, the good and bad days, and so much more. You will find me cracking inappropriate jokes, talking football trash with the groomsman, and making sure the groom gets to laugh during the wedding photos as well.

During your session and your wedding, there is butt grabbing and talking dirty (to the bride, not me), and lots of kissing. If things were to get unorganized, out of place, or off track, boss mode gets turned on and I will be sure to get us back on track so we can finish on time. To the best of my ability of course. I even had to gather a group of 35 drunk New Yorkers once for a group photo. During the reception when they were dancing. Ever had to get 11 marines to smile and stop goofing off? I have.

My couples and their families have called me bossy before, but then when they saw how amazing the wedding gallery was and when they noticed how smooth and fun the day was, they told me they understood why and to never change. I am bossy, but I am also respectful. You pay me money, I will be sure to get you what you want/need.

Monterey wedding photographer
portrait of dana arnold photography monterey wedding photographer

What to expect when you hire me as your wedding photographer

If you think I am the right photographer for you, be sure to reach out and let’s set up a chat to see if we are a right fit for each other- no strings attached!



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