What’s coming up in September!


September 1, 2020

Helllooo the month where we celebrate fall, my husband’s birthday, and the end of the 3rd quarter! This is the last month where us business owners have to achieve our quarterly goals. I am so excited because it looks like I was able to accomplish everything I wanted! There is more though. Here is what’s coming up in September!


This month, I will be shooting four weddings, one of which is out west in Harrisonburg. I will also be shooting a beautiful bay front elopement. Later this month, I will be traveling home for a few days to capture a family session in York, and hang out with my family. One of the last chances I will get to do before we settle down in California.

Later this month, I will be announcing my last round of mini sessions that will be held in October! This is going to be a huge special and it’s definitely going to be epic and save you all some money!


Some of you already know I invested in a year-long mastermind with Candice Coppola. So far, it has been incredible! She is helping me achieve my goals, and I get to help and chat with incredible wedding entrepreneurs all over the world! It’s the last month for us to come together and achieve our goals. Whether it’s personal, business, or finances, we come together and hustle hard!

Throughout the month, you will see that once a week, I will be blogging about a local photographer. I will be blogging about four photographers who are here in the area that you NEED to support and follow. Simply because they are incredible and talented young ladies who are growing into successful photographers! Each have their own style so you have a variety to choose from when you are ready for your next portrait update!


We will be celebrating my husband’s birthday this month! My Mother-in-law is set to come down for it. Her and I actually came together and went halves on his present, which to me, will be the best one yet. Two amazing (and large) presents for a well deserved husband and son.

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What's coming up in September!
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What’s coming up in September!

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