What’s coming up in August


August 3, 2020

August in the past has always been good to me! It’s the month where a lot happens for my personal life and for my business. I have a lot planned (nothing will stop me from enjoying what’s coming up in August). Here is What’s coming up in August!


This month is also my Birthday Month! I turn 28 on August 28th and even though I am almost 30, I still feel like an 18-year-old child living it up as a business owner and Navy wife! My birthday falls on a Friday so I am hoping to go out with my husband to get Hibachi or eat some good Japanese food!

Every August, we (my parents) and I go to Chincoteague for a long weekend! We always stay in the same hotel, relax on the beach all day, and eat at the best spots. Chincoteague is my home from home. I used to want to settle down there and get a job! With the drive only being less than two hours, the travel will be easy! I am so looking forward to the weekend with family!


August is going to be a good month too for the business. I have five portrait sessions, and one small wedding this month. Covid has changed things again, for the governor put Hampton Roads back into phase two. However, I am still doing the best I can with staying focused on what I can control. This is the time where I will educate myself and my business. From the mastermind I am in, to the courses I invested in that I will rewatch, you can never re-learn or learn enough!

On August 15th, I am hosting a styled wedding shoot in Pittsburgh! This shoot was rescheduled TWICE. Now, we get to host it on a beautiful day in August and I know it’s going to be wonderful. Sunset cruise, pizza picnic, and more. Pittsburgh is so beautiful to me and this was a long time coming!

Here are some of the spots I am looking at for the shoot! I took these on my phone this past weekend when I was there for a wedding <3

What's coming up in August
What's coming up in August
What's coming up in August
What's coming up in August
What's coming up in August

What’s coming up in August



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