Poquoson Yacht Club Wedding


June 23, 2020

First wedding since COVID-19 and what a way to get back into the swing of things! You guys… I am SO EXCITED to share with you this Poquoson Yacht Club Wedding belonging to Courtney and Brandon! A wedding I much enjoyed photographing, thanks to the amazing couple, and their sweet friends and family! Each person I have met here greeted me with smiles and laughter, and loved talking about how much fun they were having! The food was delicious, the vibe was welcoming, and of course, cannot go wrong with good music!

This day was quite honestly a bit stressful for everyone. Just like their engagement photos with me, their wedding day started off rocky with storms and downpours. However, JUST as the wedding was ready to start, the rain stopped. The sun peaked out a bit through the thick clouds, and showed a sign that the storms were over! Behold, in time for the ceremony, the weather was PERFECT! The leftover wet grass gave way for the mosquitos, but the temperatures were perfect and there was a nice breeze coming from the bay! Talk about a blessing <3

The umbrellas went down as the bride was ready to walk down the wet grassy aisle. Brandon was trying to hold in his tears, but you can see his eye’s getting glossy as he was watching his beautiful bride walk down to the altar. It was a quiet and peaceful moment, but you can still sense the tears and the sighs at how gorgeous Courtney was in her wedding dress. I even heard a guest say “wow she is stunning”, which melted my heart.

As soon as the ceremony ended, the party began! Lots of drinking, story telling, and truly one of the most heart-felt speeches from the best man I have ever heard. I personally was crying, but I cannot help that I am an emotional person! Sunset photos, delicious southern dinner, and dancing were to follow and what a party it was! Courtney and Brandon, thank you both so so so much for having me at your wedding and for allowing me to capture all these sweet moments with you and for you! You two are special and I wish you both the best in all your future plans and travels together <3

Poquoson Yacht Club Wedding

Wedding Photographer: Dana Arnold Photography

Venue: Poquoson Yacht Club

DJ: DJ Slightly

Dress: Davids Bridal, Richmond

Catering: Captain Bob’s

Florals: WedIdeas

Day-Of: House of Oak Planning

Decor: DIY

Cake: From a family friend as a gift!

Poquoson Yacht Club Wedding
Poquoson Yacht Club Wedding
Poquoson Yacht Club Wedding



dana arnold photography
dana arnold photography

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