Our wonderful Paris, France Vacation


June 9, 2020

Take me back to the most wonderful international city I have ever been to, please! Now more than ever, I am so eager to travel once again. I have big plans for 2021 and cannot wait for them. However, today, I wanted to share with you my favorite trip to date, and that was to Paris, France for our three-year dating anniversary! It was quite an adventure to start, and honestly, it was also hard to catch up with the timezone, but we got back on track with our sleep pattern, and the week was amazing! Here is the blog for our wonderful Paris, France vacation!

The arrival

Our flight was through AirFrance leaving out of JFK and this airline was one of the best I have flown on. I loved the space we had, the food was decent, and since it was a red-eye, we got comfy blankets and pillows, allowing my then-boyfriend and I to sleep comfortably! It was a quick non-stop flight, and we got into Paris at around 2:30 p.m. However, things went from good to bad quickly. We got lost once we got off the train, it started to pour down rain, no cab would stop for us, and not many people were able to help us because they did not speak English. Luckily, we got our way there. Soaking wet, we both got quick showers and then took the best hour-long nap we probably ever had! Waking up at 5:30, we walked down the street to grab some dinner, stopped at a mini-mart on the way back for snacks, and we honestly were out like a light at around 9 pm, and both of us did not wake up until around 8 the next morning!

Notre Dame

Notre Dame Cathedral

We spent our first day exploring Notre Dame and the weather, for the most part, was perfect. I was dumb the first time visiting such a sacred place because I did not wear something to cover my shoulders and my shorts were too small. Steven did not think of it at the time, and I regret how I dressed. The experience was truly wonderful though, and I am so glad we were allowed in! Now more than ever, it hits hard because of the fire that destroyed this beautiful cathedral. My heart hurt the day I saw this on the news and I hope one day this will fully be rebuilt in my time so I can see her once again <3

Notre Dame Cathedral
Notre Dame Cathedral
Notre Dame Cathedral

Exploring, Paris!

Take a day to just walk around! Enjoy the parks, the cafes, the views, and all the beautiful architecture! It rained most of our time here, but, we still did all the exploring we could do with summer clothes and a cheap umbrella! I loved getting to walk through the parks and meeting lots of friendly people and dogs, and capturing all the beauty the city had to offer!

Our wonderful Paris, France Vacation
Our wonderful Paris, France Vacation
Our wonderful Paris, France Vacation
Our wonderful Paris, France Vacation

Mont St. Michel

This was an all-day trip, from sunup to sundown, but worth the long day! We woke up at 5 so we could make sure to grab some snacks for the road and walk to our meeting spot (there is something about walking in Paris at sunrise that is just breathtaking). We stopped at a Bath/little town to grab lunch, and along the way, we also got to see the beautiful countryside of France!
Arriving at Mount St. Michel, I was immediately in awe at how beautiful the scenery was! The tide was low, and even with some clouds, you can see for miles! The area is full of markets, shops, places to explore, and more! This is the link we used to buy our tickets and I would suggest the all-day adventure; it was wonderful!

Our wonderful Paris, France Vacation
mont st michel
mont st michel
mont st michel
dog at mont st michel

Disney, Paris!

For all you Disney fans out there, we suggest taking a quick train ride to Disney, Paris! We did not bring my camera, for we did not want to have it at the Park, but it was a good day for a trip. This is not an all-day thing, for we got through all the rides and ate lunch for about 5-6 hours. The park is small and was not busy when we went! A must do to get away from the city! Here are the tickets for you to buy and hopefully the park is opening soon!

Eiffel Tower Experience

We spent our anniversary exploring the park outside the Eiffel Tower, walking along the river, dinner inside the Eiffel Tower, and then finished it off with a wonderful cruise on the river where we got to see the tower light up and sparkle at 10 pm! The restaurant 58 Tour Eiffel offers a 5-star fine dining experience and the food was truly magnificent! Our entree of chicken was so tender and the dessert was rich! Since it was our anniversary, we dressed up however, we did not bring a change of clothes. So climbing the tower in a dress and heels was a terrible idea. Worth it, since when we got to the top, we saw a beautiful rainbow over the city! 10/10 I would recommend you come here with your significant other! This was one of Our wonderful Paris, France Vacation moments!

the Eiffel Tower
58 Tour Eiffel
dessert at 58 tour eiffel
Eiffel Tower

The louvre and Arc De Triumph

Take the day to explore both, because it will indeed take you all day! If you are able to, we suggest purchasing the tickets in advance for both. The louvre can take up to two hours to get in if you wait in line to buy a ticket! The Arch is very cheap to climb, and we suggest you do it in the day to see the city in full color and at night to see the city at dark and see the light of the Eiffel Tower come on!

Arc De Triomphe
Eiffel Tower at Night
The louvre
The Louvre
Our wonderful Paris, France Vacation

Thank you for reading the blog on our wonderful Paris, France Vacation! I loved getting to relive some of my favorite moments!

xo, Dana

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