A COVID 19 Elopement


April 21, 2020

There are two ways for you to take this pandemic. You can either let it destroy you and tear you down, or you can embrace it and take the lemons and turn it into lemonade. Sydney and Ben decided to go with option two. Allow me to tell you about this day! It was in no way, how they thought they were going to get married. In March when we had their engagement session, we were talking all things wedding. The photos we wanted to take, the timeline, and of course all the decor. This was just a week before everything hit the fan. Thus, creating a Covid 19- elopement

When Sydney shot me a text a few weeks ago and told me everything changed, I felt sad for them. I could not imagine planning a whole wedding and in the blink of an eye, decide to cancel the wedding and elope. Except, they were so relaxed and excited to just spend the day together! Instead of letting this pandemic tear them now, they took it as a blessing and knew that as long as they had each other, nothing else mattered. Sydney and Ben had such a positive and loving attitude and are prime examples of staying strong through times of chaos.

“A crisis gives us the opportunity to practice our creativity, for it makes us think outside the box.”
― Abhijit Naskar

The only issue they had about their elopement, was that they did not get their rings in time. The ones they spent so much time in finding for each other. Ben, being the amazing creative guy he is, got a nail and turned it into his ring! Talk about being creative. They were given lemons and turned it into lemonade! It was quite amazing and amusing at the same time.

I am so excited to be sharing with you their special elopement. Even through chaos, they were smiling with joy, they held onto each other tight, and of course with the help of a beautiful arboretum and sunny weather, their elopement out in Harrisonburg was perfect and one that I will never forget! Congratulations Sydney and Ben, and I wish you two both nothing but pure love and happiness!

A Covid-19 Elopement

A Covid 19 elopement

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  1. Diane Scott says:

    They are such great pictures.
    Glad they stayed positive and allowed this to happen on a good note.
    They will definitely have the wedding story to tell their grandchildren.

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