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March 31, 2020

Remember the simple days back when incredible basketball players didn’t pass away and a virus didn’t change the lives of millions of people? I do. Oh March, how you have changed the lives of so many all over the world. From those who travel for work, to those who are in the service industry. The world changed in March. That goes for me as well. As a wedding photographer, in the beginning of the year, I was stoked for my wedding season starting in February and continuing with amazing weddings in March-May. Except now, all those weddings are pushed. Many have decided to just elope. My next big “normal” wedding is May 24th. But there are still things to do get done between now and then! Here’s whats coming up in April!

We got orders!!

Helloooooo Monterey! I am so stoked for military move number five and business move number two. My whole 2021 and 2022 year is already looking fab with weddings and travel ideas with my husband. I miss west coast sunsets and the beach life that is filled with blue waters and steep cliffs. Did I mention the wedding venues are beautiful?

Two Elopements

All of my March through early May brides have changed their weddings to later this year and to next year. Which means I will be coming back to Norfolk for a few weddings! But, there is a friend who hired me as an associate for a small elopement. That will be taking place second weekend! The third weekend, I will be shooting an elopement out west in Harrisonburg. One of my end of May couples decided to elope this month and keep it short and simple. We made the new plan and the location for the ceremony and portraits is BEAUTIFUL!

Piano Lessons

Lessons are still in session. I really like my piano teacher and I love learning new songs. Having something different to focus on brings a challenge because I like to perfect a song and won’t stop until I get it right. Lessons online can be hard, but better to be safe than sorry. Staying home is key, especially to us military spouses.

Staying in and chilling

I am generally being smart about this virus and staying home. I have books to read and my husband bought me Animal Crossing for the switch so I will be on the couch, using our big TV to play video games. My husband and I will be staying home for Easter, I got a ham ready! We might be carb cycling by then, so I plan to add some sweet potatoes in to our meal.

What’s coming up in April

So, that is what I have for the month of April! It’s going to be relaxing and a lot of fun, and here is to hoping things calm down by the end of it, at least to the point where events can start happening again!



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