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March 27, 2020

Hey, there! It’s been quite awhile since I last posted a blog about me, the photographer behind Dana Arnold Photography! The last few months alone, things in my life has changed. You can say I came to be a different person then who I was two years ago, and when I started to do photography three years ago. As time passes, we become different people. I learned to communicate, and I opened myself up more because I was simply learning my brand. I just think it’s time you Meet Dana Arnold Photography!

Meet Dana Arnold Photography

+ I am a Navy wife. Usually, I do not like saying that because it is not who I wanted to be defined as. Now that my husband got into a new program for the Navy, and it’s looking like he will stay in for the full 20 years, it now, in a way, defines my life. For what I thought 2020 being the year he would get out, now is the year where a big choice was made. Now, I will be the wife who will continue to sacrifice a lot, and move my business again and again, and I am totally okay with that.

+ Recently, I started to take up Piano lessons. Since I was little, I wanted to learn to play because I found it fun to do. My piano teacher is pretty cool, he makes the lessons fun! No, I will not be doing any recitals. I just want to learn to play so I can play the songs that make me happy.

+ Traveling is something my husband and I LOVE to do. We enjoy exploring the world, trying new foods, and reading up on the culture. Each country and city we have been to reminded us over and over again why we enjoy traveling. If we are not working, we are saving up and talking about the next trip we will take. Catch us if you can.

+ Lastly, I want to talk about hobbies; I promise I have a life outside photography. Aside from traveling, you will find me at the beach, at the mall with friends, and at a bowling center to see if I can still bowl scores higher than 200. Spending time with my dog and my husband are still key factors in what makes me happy. That, and the Keto Pink Drink from Starbucks. Even when I am not on Keto, that is still my go-to refresher.

That is all for now folks

I think for now, that is enough about me. Throughout the 2020 year, you will catch me blogging some updated posts about my life. I am always changing and always living a new lifestyle. The Navy and the life as a photographer is always growing and always changing. Thanks for reading!



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