Five Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner.

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March 22, 2020

To save money couples now try to plan their wedding all on their own. However, wedding planning has been the main reason why getting married is stressful. So, to avoid that stress and to actually have fun, here are five reasons to hire a wedding planner!

They have experience

Wedding planners have organized dozens, even hundreds, of weddings. They know the things that you do not and think of the ideas you might have missed. With this, they can give advice on things to avoid to make the process much easier! The wedding planners are also packed with ideas based on many themes and colors, and so can create a wedding based on your dream!

They help you stay on budget!

If you have a certain budget, the planners have the resources to make sure you actually stay on budget. They know where to get the decor, style, and even vendors that are based on your amount you are able to spend. They have worked with many vendors, and have shopped at all the good stores to know what works for you based on price, and that saves you time!

Time Saving Investment

And… speaking on saving time, the wedding planners help you with that as well! Think about it, they are the ones in charge of making sure orders are placed, delivered, and set up where, when, and how ever you like it. They keep the day in check and make sure that what ever happens, happens based on what you want. You, or your family and friends, do not have to show up early to set up. That is all on the planner and the event staff!

They provide useful information

Wedding planners have a list of wedding vendors you can hire and trust. Getting on a wedding planner vendor list is hard because they only want the best of the best! So, reach out to your planner and ask about a photographer, cake artist, HMU, and more. They will send you the link for the ones they think are best for you. The planner also creates the wedding timeline that is flexible around all the other vendors. They work as a team and the planner keeps that team in check with updates on the wedding!

Stress Free Day

Based on all the above, you end up with a stress free day. The Wedding Planner is the person of contact for that day. You can easily get through your morning of hair and makeup, without having a vendor text you or bother you with a phone call. They can easily contact the wedding planner with that question. The wedding planner is at your wedding to set up, arrange, organize, and get things rolling to stay on track. All of that is something that you do not have to do, and that is a huge stress relief!

Looking for a wedding planner? Here are a few that I love!

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