Grand Affairs Wedding in Virginia Beach.


March 20, 2020

What a wedding! Congratulations to Jason and Taylor Werner on what I am claiming to be one of the most cry-fest weddings I personally have ever photographed. I mean, when the groom arrived an hour before the ceremony start time, he was already crying. That to me, shows his affection and how much he loves his bride, Taylor. The wedding day was pure magic, and on a super cold day, the love warmed up this wedding venue and every guest in it. Here are some of my favorites from this Grand Affairs Wedding in Virginia Beach.

Favorite Moments

+ I will say it again, the groom crying a lot. Like, especially during the ceremony! I love when there is real and raw emotion and the bride and groom showed it all day

+ How fun the bridal party was. In fact, when they popped the champagne, their reactions were priceless! I cannot wait to show this in their finally gallery

+ The vows being said during the ceremony. Raw, real, and amusing!

+ The family coming together as one during the reception! I loved capturing all the fun photos of friends laughing, people dancing, and of course the candids with facial expressions that always have me dying!

+ Their grand exit! Glow sticks have been in recently for wedding send-offs but the best I have seen was this. Note to all brides, when you order glow sticks, get ones with strings (like what you would wear for a necklace) so they can swing them around and give a much better effect!

The Blog Sneak Peeks from this Grand Affairs Wedding!

Here are some of my favorites from the grand affairs wedding in Virginia Beach! This is just a snippet of how the day went <3

Grand Affairs Wedding in Virginia Beach
Grand Affairs Wedding in Virginia Beach
Glow stick grand Exit as husband and wife at Grand Affairs Catering

Thank you so much, Taylor and Jason, for having me at your wedding. I wish you both the best as your journey continues in Guam!



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