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March 20, 2020

As a wedding professional, I have worked with dozens of wedding vendors from hair and makeup, videographers, to florist. I find that having a key vendor team is really what makes the experience for the bride that much more meaningful and magical. Your wedding day will go more smooth if you have a vendor team you can trust and rely on to do their part and get the job done! I am excited to make a list here of my favorite wedding vendors in Monterey, CA

Reasons to have a good vendor

+ Experience is everything. Their knowledge will help you get through any situation

+ They are worth their investment!

+ The good vendors have a list of personal recommendations! Use them if their reviews are good, because those who reviewed the vendor are people like you!

Favorite Wedding Vendors in Monterey, CA

Makeup Artist

  1. Face Forward Bridal Hair and Makeup
  2. Katrina Michelle Hair and Makeup
  3. Powers Beauty Artistry
wedding vendors in monterey, california

Wedding Vendor: Florist

  1. Willow and Plum
  2. Cassia ForĂȘt Floral & Event Design
  3. Wind Acre Farm Floral
wedding vendors in monterey, california

Wedding Planner

  1. Weddings in Monterey
  2. Pocketful of Plans
  3. A sparkling Event
wedding vendors in monterey, california

Wedding Vendors: DJ Artist

  1. JZM Entertainment
  2. DNA Entertainment
  3. DJ Andi

Wedding Vendors: Videographers

  1. JSuarez Visuals
  2. Big Time Video Service

Need more? Reach out to me and I can five you more sugestions based on what I hear from friends and brides in the Monterey area!



wedding photographer in monterey, california

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