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February 10, 2020

I am so excited to make this announcement, you guys! It has been a long time coming, and of course, the fact that this benefits you all just makes this even better! I am all about saving money and you save 30% on your wedding stationary through basic invites!

Basic Invites

Let me tell you about Basic Invite! They are a company that prints out the most beautiful wedding invites, menus, save-the-dates, thank you cards, and of course everything you need for the holiday and special events! I was blown away by the options, colors, and styles they offer. Like, the color pallets are so beautiful and so customizable and can match your wedding or event, no matter the theme!

I decided to give them a try and order a whole bunch so I can practice my details with and the quality is top-notch, and of course, affordable. So, when Basic Invite told me they wanted me to work with them, become an associate, and blog for them, I about lost it. I was honored they asked me! I support their customer service, and really love the quality of their products!

Whether you are one of my couples or not, I still want to share this code with you all. I want you guys to save 30% on any wedding, holiday, and event cards that you need/want at any time of year! There is no catch, I promise. It’s something that I wanted to add on to save ya’ll some money!

Basic Invites

Just go to and at checkout, enter DanaArnold30 to save you 30% on your order! That’s it!

Here are some examples of invites, menus, save the dates, and more! There are so many unique designs, colors, shapes, and patterns! Perfect to fit any wedding or event!

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