Raw vs. Edits: Engagement Session Edition.


January 17, 2020

Lately, I have been inspired to share with you the raw versus the edits for my work, because although I love showing you guys my work then versus now, I really want to show you the process on why I pick my spots and how to edit them in Lightroom. The finished product is nothing like what you see in camera, and that took me years and many sessions to reach this point of consistency! The images you see on the left are the raw, in camera, and unedited versions. The one you see on the right is the final product! This is the raw vs edits!

Things to keep an eye on:

+ Horizon Line Fix (no one likes sideways horizon lines, its not flattering at all)

+ Pimples on the face disapearing

+ Unwanted objects in the photo edited out

+ Different color greens

+ Cropping to make the image more put together

Q & A

  1. Average time to edit a full gallery from a portrait session? 3-4 days
  2. Average images of delivery? I promise 30-35 but always try to deliver 70-100 images
  3. Presets? I created my own when I was in Hawaii and now use those as a base and make tweaks from there. Never have I ever slapped on a preset and called it a day. There are always adjustments to be made that is based on light, skin tone, and even the colors worn.
  4. Tools used? Expodisc to make the skin tones more warm/creamy and so the white balance is more even (so the whites can actually be white). This is used at the session.

Raw Vs. Edits

Monterey wedding photographer
raw versus edits
raw versus edits

Getting to share these with you today allows me to prove to you that what you see in the camera when your photographer shows you a shot, will not be as good as the final products and gallery that you get! It’s really exciting stuff! Thank you for reading this blog for raw vs edits!



Monterey wedding photographer

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