Fort Monroe Engagement Session.


January 13, 2020

You see it in almost every Lifetime romance movie. The guy is walking his dog at the park and his eye catches this beautiful girl walking her dog. He gets the nerve to walk up to her and starts to talk to her about the beautiful day it’s been. After exchanging words, they both agree they hit it off and agree to go on a date!

Through all the emotions, life changes, and growth, they only grew as a couple as well. He loves her, her love for her friends and family, and her crazy hair that is all over the shower and the floor. She loves his personality and passion for Naval Destroyers, and that even though he sees them every day at work, when he sees one coming down the bay, his eyes light up like a tree and he geeks out. This while thing made for a wonderful Fort Monroe Engagement Session!

Micaela and Pete, if you haven’t guessed, are these two people! The moment these two walked towards me at their session spot in Fort Monroe, my jaw dropped at how beautiful she was, and I was impressed at how much Pete was obsessed with the light and background in the photos. I never met a couple so ready, so excited, and so knowledgable. They are two souls who love to laugh, have a passion for their favorite things, and will do what it takes to make the other smile and capture a good photo!
Congratulations to Pete and Micaela on your beautiful engagement and I am so excited to share some of my favorites from your session!

Fort Monroe Engagement Session

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  1. Ashley K says:

    These are so airy and beautiful!! You’re killing it Dana!! 😍😍

  2. Laura says:

    Amazing photos of two of my favorite people πŸ’•

  3. Leah Strehlow says:

    What beautiful pictures of a couple who’s so much in love! Congratulations and many blessings to both of you. Happy Engagement as you plan your future together.

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