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January 3, 2020

Before my 2020 season starts, I wanted to focus on education for my couples by writing blogs about wedding days, what to bring, what to expect, etc! Today, I am excited to share with you the post about wedding details and what to bring to your wedding for your photographer to shoot!

We as photographers love shooting rings and invites, not just for personal use, but for you as well! They tell the story of your wedding day! It’s one of our favorites to shoot, and we like to make sure you have everything to make the storytelling of the details that much better!

Examples of Details!

Wedding Rings/Bands.

I know this can be obvious, but I did have a few couples who left their rings with the best man and I could not have access to them until after the ceremony. Make sure you have all your rings with you and that they are clean!


We love adding this to your detail list because it shows all the information about your wedding, and they can make great backdrops for wedding ring shots!

wedding rings + wedding invitation
wedding day advice


Whether they are random from your decor, or extras from your bouquet, we love adding some flowers to the shots because it gives color and it’s nice to make the shot more complex, which can be very pretty!

all about wedding details

Nice perfume bottle

This does not have to be one that you wear that day (but that would be a bonus), but having an old fashion bottle is a super cute addition and adds a personal touch!

All jewelry

Necklaces, bracelets, earringsā€¦ we love that stuff! Adding that to your shots make for a great overall shot of everything you wore that day. We love tagging the vendors too, so they can see their jewelry on their real clients!

Any other personal items

Your grandmas ring, your grandpa’s watch, or your mom’s hair piece she wore! Family history is so great and meaningful to add to your wedding. It adds the charm to the wedding day and will look great in your gallery!

all about wedding details

Please do not be afraid to ask your photographer what else you can bring!



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