Things to do the week of your wedding!

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November 28, 2019

After all the wedding planning you have done, the week of the wedding is finally here. Which means your nerves might be higher than ever, and your anxiety is through the roof! It’s surely an exciting but nerve wrecking time for you and your significant other!

To help make the week of the wedding easier, I have come up with a short list on what to do the week of your wedding. So, you can relax, and complete a few simple tasks that will make the wedding its-self more smooth!

Things to do the week of your wedding!

  1. Get a facial. Trust me, this is the number one thing that many brides say have helped them relax! Take an hour and go get a facial!
  2. Clean your wedding rings and bands. This will make it look shiny and new for the photos and will look more glamorous on you!
  3. Take a day to yourself to go to some shopping. This is a great time to get some clothes for the upcoming season, and even get a little something extra for the honeymoon night/trip!
  4. Send a little thank you note to your vendors, just letting them know you appreciate them!
  5. Get your nails done one to two days before your wedding. This will help you relax and know that one thing is crossed off your list that you don’t have to worry about on your wedding day
  6. Take an evening with your spouse, order in, and turn off your phones. I know you always have time to do this, but it’s important to still date your spouse before you get married!
  7. Lastly, prep all the decor in boxes, get the vendor gifts ready (if any) and place them in the door. If you do this the night before, you may be rushing and forget something. By doing this,you will have it all ready to go the day of your wedding without second guessing!

Happy Wedding Week and enjoy!



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