Top Five Favorite Venues in Hampton Roads!

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November 24, 2019

2019 had been a year of growth for me. I am truly grateful for all the couples I got to serve and the wedding venues I got to shoot at here in Hampton Roads. What is great about some of the venues are the all-around-experience, not just the price or the looks! I am talking about location, space, light, and staff. These venues below are ones that I have shot at, or toured (practiced at) and LOVE. Everything about them is perfect, has many options, provides exceptional staff, parking, and places for photos! The whole nine-yards!

Here are my top five favorite venues of 2019 here in Hampton Roads, with links to their websites/profiles!

  1. Historic Post Office, Hampton Roads

+ Lots of room for bigger weddings, great light in the bridal suite, and room outside for photos!

2. Norfolk Botanical Gardens

+ Great outdoor location for ceremonies, and a gorgeous reception hall with large open windows for natural light. Plus, perfect floral backdrops for photos!

3. Gala 417, Virginia Beach

+ In love with the beach vibe! Great space, many parking options, and perfect setting for the couples who love the water as their portrait setting!

4. Shifting Sands, Virginia Beach

+ Best for the military personal! Lots of parking, discounted space, option for a beach-front wedding, and great for beach photos!

5. Waterside District, Norfolk Virginia

+ Spacious, natural light, good parking, great for photos, and if you don’t want to stop partying after the reception, bars and clubs are just near by! Bonus that there are many hotels near the venue as well!

Top Five Favorite Venues in Hampton Roads

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