Places to visit in Portugal


November 22, 2019

Portugal is such a beautiful country. With dark blue waters along the cliffs, castles and palaces to visit and explore, and delicious food to eat, there is never a dull moment in Portugal. We absolutely loved our time here in this country and felt so welcomed and loved! Today I will be sharing places to visit in Portugal that are a must!

Lisbon, Portugal

Our main stay while in Portugal was here in Lisbon. We had this perfect little hotel room with a great location that was next to the metro. In Lisbon, we explored a palace, the main strip with shopping and restaurants, and explored along the water by taking photos of beautiful buildings. Personally, my favorite part of this trip was visiting the little towns in-between and really getting to experience the culture while learning the history.

Sintra, Portugal

A small town with the best shops and cafes to buy your favorite items and try all the pastries! You can easily spend a few hours just in this small town alone, so be sure to book a tour that allows this! We also recommend booking a tour with transportation to the palace, because it is quite the hike up. Here is what we picked!

Sintra, Portugal
Sintra, Portugal
Castle in Sintra, Portugal
Castle in Portugal

Cascais, Portugal

A town filled with restaurants and beaches to tan, hang out, and watch locals play volleyball!

Oeiras, Portugal

This is based off the cliff! There is a path you can walk along, and it’s perfect to take scenic photos while drinking a tea from the cafe and tourist shop.

Lighthouse in Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal

Favorite Moments!

A few things we loved about our time in Portugal!

  1. Visiting the zoo! We love going to zoo’s and see how it is set up in each country. This one here was clean and had a lot to see!
  2. Checking out the ruins in Lisbon.
  3. Going to the Aquarium! We took the day to head out here, take some photos of the otters, and explore some places to eat!
  4. The palaces! This is what Portugal is known for!

Places to visit in Portugal

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