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Okay, so I may not be as popular as those home makeover designers with over a million followers who talk about their day and get thousands of likes on photos of their cats…


I am here to share with you my daily lifestyle as a photographer and so I want to let ya’ll know what it’s like the day of a wedding and how I go about preparing for the day!

It’s about to get raw!


I try my hardest to get about 9 hours of sleep the night before a wedding. I seriously get cranky if I do not get enough sleep and I am at my best when I am well rested.


It’s the way to my heart. The day of a wedding, I like to eat bacon and eggs or pancakes (or sometimes both because why not?). It’s a great way to keep me fueled and awake!


Have ya’ll ever had Aspire? It’s a natural green tea energy drink with all the good stuff. No carbs. No sugar. Just all natural. It’s my favorite drink and I get one in on the drive to the wedding to keep me focused for the rest of the day. Maybe that’s why I get excited during your wedding day and like… talk really fast? Sorry guys if it’s annoying. lol.


I actually do this the night before. But, I charge all my batteries, clean my camera, and get my SD cards ready! I also make sure the flashes are working for your reception! This way, when I am ready, I can just grab my stuff and go!


Because you don’t want your photographer to smell bad, right? I use lots of bubbles and if you smell coconut at the wedding, odds are, it”s me! Love that Cantu stuff!


Once the wedding is all said and done, I get home and back up these images. I don’t care if it’s 6pm or 1am, this is always the first thing I do before I go to bed. I back up the images on my Hard Drive, in Lightroom, and in the cloud so this way, if my SD cards catch on fire or Lightroom decides to crash, there is still other ways to have your photos saved!

I also drink tea when I do this. Helps me calm down for the night and keeps me relaxed so I can get a good nights sleep, and not have so much of a wedding day hangover. Photographers. you know that feeling.

Next month, you will see what it’s like to live the daily life as a spouse and photographer working from home and how I manage to get editing done with a super needy dog! 🙂

Love always,


October 8, 2019

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