Five Things I am thankful for!


October 4, 2019

Let me be one of the many to say that we all have those days where we take things for granted and get upset when something so simple does not go our way.

I had a hit of reality when I went on a people-to-people trip to Trinidad, Cuba for a week and felt such remorse for my cuban families whom I met there. They had no windows, they had leaky roofs, no automatic flushing toilets, and as for the food they ate, it was pretty much the same everyday. You guys, many couldn’t even afford coffee and it’s considered a luxury to have. Coffee you guys…something many of us look forward to drinking everyday to keep up going.

What was even more heart felt, was that the families I had met were still grateful and loving. They cared for their neighbors no matter their religion or their beliefs.

So, it was this trip where I started to be grateful for the little things in life. Not the Chipotle or the free runs to target to buy a fuzzy blanket, but the things that make me happy and successful in life (and in business) so I can actually live a good life. I wrote these down on a paper and have it next to my desk now so when I am upset over the little things, I can read this paper and know that what I do have now is what should matter to me. Some are more serious, and a few are also more fun that just make me happy!

  1. I am thankful for a loving husband and supportive family who have helped me grow my business one way or another. I put my heart and soul into my business because I want to serve amazing clients and provide a wedding day story they will always have.
  2. Therapist. I am so grateful for therapist. I had one in Hawaii where I saw him twice a month for about 7 months and now here in Virginia who I also see monthly. I had so much luggage and baggage and fear and depression stuck inside me I never really knew I had until it all hit me at once. Having these two guys really help me through a legit transition got me to be the women I am today and I will always be glad I finally said yes… I need help.
  3. Airplanes, trains, and cars. We would not be able to get to work, go on vacations, and visit family if we did not have these wonderful forms of transportation. I love seeing the world and meeting new people because they all have stories to tell and things to teach us.
  4. Technology. I mean, I grew up where I did not have my own phone until I was 17, I think? But now, I rely on technology to help me run my business, stay connected with friends who live all around the world, and help keep me organized so I can live a better, productive life.
  5. Food. Ya’ll, I am so grateful for having access to a variety of food. Pizza, tacos, meat, pasta. So many third world countries live off of the same 4-5 foods for their whole life. So, I like to consider our food options a luxury.

Friends, I encourage you to look around you and write down five things that you are grateful for everyday. It can be as small as your cup of tea, or as large as your house/job. Too many times, we forget what we do have because we focus on what we want to have. I’d love to know yours when it’s written down!

Love always,

Dana A.

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