Destinie and Drew’s Beautiful Little Acre Farm Wedding


August 22, 2019

Picture it. You are sitting down in a white chair facing the altar for the wedding that is to come. To your left, there is a green and blue pond surrounded by trees. In the pond, geese and white ducks play and splash around, trying to stay cool in the hot summer day. In front of you, beyond the pond, is a fenced piece of land where two horses are roaming and running, neighing with joy. The groom and the bride are facing each other getting ready to say their vows, and surrounding them are loved ones who are so excited about being there to witness this fairytale wedding.

The bride, Destinie and the groom, Drew had met years ago. For their first date, they took a ride down a dirt road that leads to nowhere and talked about all things personal and funny. When I had the chance to talk to Drew, it was that moment when he knew right then and there, that Destinie was going to be his wife one day. This wedding reflected around that moment. Destinie and Drew chose to do a sneak peek and I am 100% glad they did because, at that moment when he turned around and saw his bride, he could NOT STOP staring at her! At sunset, we pulled the tailgate down from an old refurbished red pickup truck, and it’s like their first date was created all over again! And don’t even get me started how adorable they were during their first dance! All snuggled in so close, smiling and giggling to the music playing around them. I was in Awe.

I am so excited to share with you all this beautiful farm wedding <3

Videographer: Fox Hollow Films

Catering: Natalie Coots

Venue: Little Acre Farm

Dress: David’s Bridal

Cake: The Caffeinated Bookworm

Hair: Done by the bride herself

Florals: DIY by the bride

Destinie and Drew’s Beautiful Little Acre Farm Wedding

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