Rachel and Evan’s Beautiful Gold and Green Wedding at Hermitage Museum and Gardens| By: Dana Arnold Photography

The weather was calm on a Saturday afternoon with the exception of a warm breeze from the water hitting the gardens of Hermitage. Friends and family start to gather at the ceremony location that is surrounding by beautiful trees, shrubs, and florals. The sun was warm, the sky mostly cloudy, making it for a good sunset to come that evening. At this moment, the groom is walking down the aisle, smiling and anxious knowing that just in a few moments, is gorgeous bride will be walking down that same aisle and that soon, they will become husband and wife. The groomsman all walk from the side, forming a line and the bridesmaids start to gather at the altar, smiling and excited for their friend and sister. Sweet music starts to play, here comes Rachel walking down the aisle with her parents. Evan, the groom, mouths “you are so beautiful” and I just smile because it was in this moment that I realized I was about to witness a wedding ceremony for a couple who I know for a fact will be together forever, and I cannot wait to see where this journey takes them <3

Evan and Rachel reached out to me many moons ago looking for a photographer and I can tell just by their soothing voice and the way they talked together, that they are a couple who are inspirational and so in tuned with each other while still living their separate lives. They are my spirit couple, that is for sure! When I first met them at their engagement session, I could see the sparkle in Evan’s eyes every time he looked at his fiance and when I see Rachel holding his hand, she always blushes and smiles sweetly and it shows as much of a kind, hearted, and loving person she is!

I was beyond excited for their wedding day for many reasons based on personal and professional, and I can honestly say that the whole day was perfection. Their gold-toned and green theme decor was to die for, I loved the colors of the bridesmaid’s dresses, the reception set up was simply stunning under the patio string lights, and with an open sky concept and mostly cloudy skies, come sunset, it was the best light for the first dance as husband and wife. As for the groomsman and the bridesmaids, you can bet that they were so warming, welcoming, fun, and ready for all the photos such as the groomsman running after the beer (my second shooter nailed that shot), and the ladies having fun doing the boomerang poses during their portraits with Rachel.

I am beyond thrilled to share with you all the dreamy wedding day experience with Rachel, Evan, and their friends and family… along with some of my favorite moments from that day <3

  1. Started the day off with having Rachel’s Cat, Mozzarella, in some of the photos. She was all for it and is great at being a model <3
  2. The bridesmaids were blasting the best music that I grew up to while they were getting ready. Like, they can all be my friend and we can totally host a dance party, that’s fine!
  3. The groomsman being so energetic while working with my second shooter, posing all the great and funny poses that we, as photographers, would ever dream of! Wanna see them chasing a can of beer? Look below!
  4. If love could be seen as a forcefield, it was at this wedding between Rachel and Evan. They would not stop staring at each other and when we asked them to kiss for photos, there was no holding back!
  5. The vendor team coming together to help make this day possible for Rachel and Evan! Seriously, what a great set up, meal station, and their hairstyles were on point! Check out the vendor tags below and trust me, you will want to see and follow them… it’s all perfection!

Photographer: Dana Arnold Photography

Second Photographer: Sarah Eleanor Photography (groomsman photos posted below)

Venue: Hermitage Museum and Gardens

Dress: LuLu’s

Rentals: Distinctive Event Rentals

Florals: Norfolk Florist

Hair: Rinse By Caroline

Catering: Chesapeake Bay Catering

August 13, 2019

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