James and Hannah’s Wedding Day at Traditions Catering and Events| By: Dana Arnold Photography

On a hot day in July, a wedding belonging to a wonderful Navy couple was taking place. The bride and her crew show up at the venue with makeup on and hair styled. The bride was excited, smiling with glee as they all walk up the stairs to their dressing area. The groomsmen showed up a bit later, dressed in the finest light gray suits, each one full of energy and excitement. I knew that after meeting this bridal party crew, that it was going to be one fun wedding! There was lots of singing, jokes, upbeat personalities, and a whole lot of dancing! Even the parents got on the dance floor and showed off their best moves!

Hannah and James have stolen my love from the moment I met them. These two are generally good-hearted and kind people who love to have a good time! They were positive throughout the whole wedding, not giving a care in the world if something went wrong, for they just kept smiling and greeting the guest with hugs and laughter. What made this day special was that they made sure to take the time for themselves and scheduled sunset portraits at the beach close by. So, after all the dinner and the drinking and some dancing, we snuck away for 45 minutes to capture what to was, one of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen here in a long time!

I am so thrilled to finally be sharing with you my favorite moments and the highlights from this wedding day that belongs to Hannah and James <3

  1. Hannah’s Ballgown Wedding Dress was simply stunning. She was flawless in that dress, and it was perfect for portraits, dancing, and all the twirling!
  2. The guest and the bridal parties being so energetic and happy! Seriously, so many jokes were made and I loved that they were singing the songs out loud proudly. Aside from this, so many couples were holding each other tight, including Jacob (one of the groomsman), who was happily loving on his fiance! So much romance in the air!
  3. The Toast from the parents of the groom, James. Once dad cried, James started to tear up and I tell ya… a real man cries and that moment was so precious, I was excited to capture it on camera
  4. The food. Okay, sorry but I had to bring this up. I am a sucker for BBQ foods and the fact that Mission BBQ was catering… *heart eyes* haha
  5. The sunset photos where Hannah, James, and I snuck off to the beach down the road. Everyone was hooting and hollering at them as we posed, shot, and captured some oh-so-precious moments of the new bride and groom!

Photographer: Dana Arnold Photography

Venue: Traditions Catering and Events

Dress: Silk Bridal

Cake: Scratch Bakery

Catering: Mission BBQ

August 5, 2019

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