Lauren & Tom’s Washington D.C Cherry Blossom Engagement Session! By: Dana Arnold Photography, Virginia Wedding Photographer!

Cuddling under the cherry blossom trees are two people who met and fell in love years before. He has his arms wrapped around her tightly, and she snuggles into his chest and rests her head on his body. Together, they breathe in sync. Their hair is flowing with the wind as it breezes through the cherry blossom trees surrounding them. They are so in their romantic moment, the sounds of people walking and kids talking are hushed. It’s just them. They are enjoying each other in this beautiful moment on this warm sunny Saturday, both thinking that their wedding is only a few short months away.

Lauren and Tom are set to get married on a beautiful private beach in June, and this past weekend, their time has come to take their engagement photos! My first impressions about Tom and Lauren were nothing short of sweet. They are an adorable, quiet, and patient couple! This session was their first professional photo shoot, and I am so excited that they have trusted me in taking their engagement and their wedding photos! What made me happy was that they agreed to have them during the early blooming of the cherry blossoms, which was a dream of mine! Coming from Hawaii, and growing up in an area with no blossom trees, this type of session was on my list and I am SO GLAD that Lauren and Tom helped made my dreams come true! Here are just a few of my many favorites from their engagement session held at East Potomac Park in Washington D.C!

March 31, 2019

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