5 Reasons To Have A First Look For Your Wedding! By: Dana Arnold Photography


Traditionally for hundreds of years, the groom will not see his bride on their wedding day until she is walking down the aisle. I and my husband used this tradition as well and we really enjoyed it. However, looking back, I remember being a tad bit stressed after the wedding ceremony because I felt like I was giving my photographer stress for having such a short time to take photos of the family and friends and then my husband and I. So, over the past few years, I started to hear about first looks at weddings were the bride and groom would see each other before the ceremony, and that was when the bride and groom portraits would take place. I thought it was brilliant because then, it would be way less stressful after the ceremony. So, I am here to write this for the upcoming brides and grooms on why you should have a “first look” at your wedding!

1. It gives you about 45 minutes to yourself before the ceremony, the reception, and all the crazy evening activities happen. By having the first look, you get very private and intimate moments before you say I do and allows you to relax and enjoy each others company with just you and the photographer

2. It allows time for you to get many photos with friends and family members after the ceremony.

3. You’ll actually allow the photographer more time to take more photos which means your gallery will have more images when being delivered to you.

4. It takes away the stress. For example, knowing that your bride and groom images are already taken means that you can relax if something goes wrong at your wedding, such as the timeline being behind schedule, rain around the ceremony time, etc. There is always wiggle room if something goes wrong and needs to be adjusted.

5. Lastly, by adding the first look to your wedding day, you can actually start your wedding day earlier (sooner) and finish the night sooner. This is perfect for those who have weddings on school nights or work nights, and only have the reception hall until 8 or 9 pm.

Did you have a first look at your wedding? If so, how did it go and would you do it again? Curious to know your thoughts!

– Dana Arnold

October 20, 2018

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