Allie and Justin’s Maternity Photos: Barber’s Point Lighthouse. By: Dana Arnold Photography

I am an emotional person. I cry over fictional characters when they die from movies and tv shows, every dog I see I want to go and pet, and one time I legit got upset when I accidentally dropped my Cheetos on the floor (needless to say, my dog was NOT upset about that part). So, when Allie came to me asking for maternity photos, I was already so into their session because she was just beautiful. Then, when she told me she wanted to add her two dogs in the photos, that’s when the emotions came in because it hit me that this was going to be one of my last sessions in Oahu, with dogs I mean. Driving to the shoot, I sighed because I knew this sunset shoot was going to be epic because the clouds were casting for perfect colors that evening.

When I laid eyes on Allie and Justin, I was so excited because they dressed perfectly for this session. Their sweet doggos even wore their best collars for this shoot. Dreamy! What I love about this family is that they are fantastic dog parents and are so excited for their third bundle of joy, an actual human baby and not a dog baby! Getting them in front of my camera was a joy and, one of the best shoots I’ve had in a few weeks because the light was perfect the whole session. So, I am excited to share with everyone some of my favorite images from their shoot at Barber’s Point Lighthouse!


October 8, 2018

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