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Meet the Morgan Family: Beth, Eric, and Cam! About seven or so months ago (I think…), I submitted a Family Session to be put up for Auction at the Annual Silver and Gold Submarine Auction held at the Officer’s Club on Hickam every year and I was lucky that a few did bid on my […]

October 18, 2018

It had been months since I got Olivia and Chris in front of my camera. Maybe even almost a year so when I found out that I was moving to Norfolk, I wanted to get them in one last time and also though this session was about twenty minutes, we all worked together to get […]

October 16, 2018

I am an emotional person. I cry over fictional characters when they die from movies and tv shows, every dog I see I want to go and pet, and one time I legit got upset when I accidentally dropped my Cheetos on the floor (needless to say, my dog was NOT upset about that part). […]

October 8, 2018

… And on the fifth day, God created these two people. And they would meet for the first time at a country bar. And they would become one as they danced on the floor. And they would be so cute and soon enough… get engaged! Yeah… that pretty much sums up how they met! Now […]

October 4, 2018

As a professional photographer, I tend to use my creative side and do more than just paid sessions. I have dreams and visions and always make them come to life by creating and hosting styled photography shoots. With only precisely two months left on this island, I wanted to make my last month of a […]

October 1, 2018

With Megan and Dan, there was an instant connection. Our chat when we first started to talk was as if we were already friends and I was excited about this session for weeks because I knew it was going to be epic! Megan had her mom send her dress all the way here to Hawaii, […]

September 18, 2018

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